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   Chapter 2143 To Know You Once Again

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"Mom, we'd better wait for the doctor's diagnosis. Maybe there are some complications caused by fever. Please don't be worried," Sheryl comforted her, but at the same time, she could not help worrying about her son. Clark was such an innocent child. He didn't deserve to be treated like this. It ached her heart to watch him suffer from the illness.

However, since Melissa was in her old age, Sheryl didn't want her to worry too much.

Hearing Sheryl's words, Melissa felt much more relieved. She said, "I hope so. I really pray the kid will be fine."

Sheryl didn't say anything. Her heart was as heavy as lead.

Charles followed the doctor all the way to the examination room. Since Clark's condition was special, he was immediately pushed into the examination room for inspection.

Director Liu asked Charles to wait outside and promised to inform him as soon as the inspection result came out.

The door was slammed shut, leaving Charles alone. Charles stared at it with his gloomy face. In this state, he felt suffocated. His breathing began to grow heavy. All of a sudden, he hit the wall with his fist.

'God damn Rob!' he thought. After what Rob had done, he couldn't spare him so easily.

The air of the basement was gloomy, cold, and wet because it was shunned away from the sunlight. All year round, it lived without an ounce of natural light.

At that moment, the figure of a man appeared. His back was tightly pushed against the wall, and his hands and feet were handcuffed. He couldn't move an inch.

The man lowered his head a bit. His clothes were torn into rags. He was badly bruised. There were wounds all over his body.

Eerily, the man remained silent like a dead man. The only way for someone to tell he was alive was from his slight but rapid breathing.

On the opposite side of the man sat two men in black, one holding a whip and the other holding a firebrand. They both seemed to be very tired, so they sat slouched on the chairs.

One of the men, with short spiky hair, spat on the wall and said, "What a stroke of bad luck! This wretched man is a burden to us. We are stuck with him while we should be handling those beautiful women. It would be so much fun to spend time with them!"

His companion echoed, "Our troubles would come to an end if we killed him. However, we can'

ft. In fact, I am not giving it to you for free," Sheryl said suddenly.

Vicky froze for a second and asked, "What do you want?"

"In the future, we may need you to do something for us. You are familiar with Rob, and you know what he has done. Ferry is now in prison and definitely preparing to do something awful. We are afraid that something unexpected may happen, so if you leave the villa, it will be inconvenient for me to look for you, won't it?"

Hearing Sheryl's words, Vicky knew that Sheryl was giving her a step to walk down. In fact, Sheryl was indirectly showing her determination to give the villa to her.

Melissa, who had been confused by what they had said, now understood that Sheryl was grateful to Vicky for saving Clark.

At this moment, Melissa thought Sheryl was doing the right thing. What's more, she felt pride in Sheryl once again.

As a daughter-in-law, Sheryl was not only capable and tolerant but also adept at understanding others' difficulties. 'Why did it take me so long to see what a gem she is?' Melissa wondered.

Once again, she felt stupid for falling prey to Leila's traps.

But she was thankful that things had turned out well now. She swore to herself that she wouldn't suspect her family members anymore.

Hearing Sheryl's words, Vicky smiled and thanked her again. 'Sheryl is so gentle and considerate. I can't believe I stooped low enough to do things to hurt her!' thought Vicky.

They talked about Clark's physical condition again. Vicky looked around and asked, "So where is Clark?"

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