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   Chapter 2141 Ferry Had To Pay

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Coming closer to him, Rob could see Charles' eyes grew colder. Though he didn't say a word, the evil smile he cast on Rob was more than a warning. "Believe it or not, I have a way to make you speak."

Charles' voice sounded so cold, sending chills across Rob's spine. Looking up at Charles, Rob couldn't help seeing the face of a devil.

'How could someone's expression suddenly change into something so scary?!' Rob thought and swallowed, finally coming to terms with his fears.

He didn't expect that Charles would show an unthreatened reaction. He suddenly doubted himself, 'Did I miscalculate? Somewhere along the line, my plan must have gone wrong, but didn't I notice it in time?'

Rob had always thought that Charles was decisive in business, but quite hesitant when his family's safety was at stake. He thought Charles could be leveraged since he still had Clark's life in his hands. But now, Rob felt that he might have been wrong.

It seemed like the more Rob provoked and intimidated Charles, the more it blew up in his face.

With no intention to give up, Rob continued to deliberately irritate Charles, saying, "Torturing me will get you nowhere. You'll be lucky if your son will live a month and a half at most. Imagine how your wife will suffer from distress upon losing her son. Her depression will probably lead to her death. Once both your wife and your child are dead, you will live alone for the rest of your life. Ha-ha!"

"Crazy! You crazy psycho!"

Hearing what Rob just said, Vicky couldn't help feeling outraged. It never occurred to her that Rob could be so frantic and kill a small kid!

'If I had known this earlier...' Vicky thought to herself.

At that moment, Vicky regretted that she had colluded with Rob. She felt her hands were also stained with Clark's blood, being an accessory to the crime. If anything ominous happened to the kid, she knew that her days were also numbered.

Surely, Charles wouldn't let her off the hook so easily. Judging from what she had learned so far about Charles' character, he wasn't someone who would let anyone get away after causing trouble to his family.

That thought made Vicky fear for Rob's life, making her quickly approach them. Afraid that Rob would completely irk Charles, and the latter would beat him to death once he lost control, Vicky decided to step in. If Charles ended up killing Rob now, Clark would be left with no remedy.

"Charles, don't listen to him. It's a trap. He wants you to kill him! Then you will be a criminal. Don't let this man ruin both your life and your son's!" Vicky shouted, trying to reason with Charles.

"Shut up! Bitch!" Rob bawled, glaring at her with ferocious eyes.

Charles took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down. Even though he really wanted to break each and every bone in Rob's body, he knew that violence would not do him good. Right now, it didn't matter if Rob's claim of Clark being poisoned was true or not, but either way, he

would keep him behaved since he'd be strictly guarded, but Charles had never expected that Ferry could still make a huge fuss and threaten his family.

He promised himself that he wouldn't spare that evil man this time. His family would not be safe until Ferry was dead!

The next day

Sheryl stood alone in a white room. She couldn't tell where she was though she tried looking around for any sign. Suddenly, she felt her body being pushed by a little hand as if trying to wake her up. Confused, she looked down to see who it was. Sheryl opened her sleepy eyes and found Clark staring at her.

"Clark, you're finally awake! Are you feeling better now?" Realizing that Clark was awake, Sheryl immediately sat up and raised her hand to touch Clark's forehead and check his temperature.

His face was a little pale, but he looked in good spirits. He seemed energetic after getting a good night's rest. "Mom, I finally see you!"

"My lovely Boy, I'm glad you're okay. I will be with you every day from now on. Don't worry." Sheryl started rubbing his hair, and said lovingly, "I won't let you leave me again. Never!"

Clark seemed to like it, but he couldn't help asking, "Mom, where's Shirley? Is she okay?" Clark was always thoughtful. He had not seen his sister for a few days now, and he missed her a lot too.

Shaking her head, Sheryl felt guilty for not being able to protect her lovely son better. Clark was such a considerate kid.

"Your sister is at Dream Garden now. Your grandma is taking care of her, so you don't need to worry. Oh, by the way, I have to call your grandma as soon as possible to tell her the good news."

Taking her phone out of her handbag, Sheryl scrolled to open her contact list to find Melissa's number when the door of the ward was pushed open. Both Sheryl and Clark were surprised to see a familiar face barge into the room.

"Clark, you are awake! Are you okay?" Melissa's voice filled the room as she rushed into Clark's bedside.

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