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   Chapter 2139 If I Knew It Earlier

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The guard rushed out with Clark in his arms. It was raining heavily outside. To prevent Clark from getting wet in the rain, he held an umbrella for him. However, when he was halfway out, the rain came to an abrupt stop.

Looking ahead, he caught a glimpse of a man slowly walking towards him.

The sudden presence of this man left the guard stunned. He shuddered with fear. But on closer inspection, he found that it was Rob. He rushed to him, asking for help.

"Boss! Boss, help!" The guard shouted as he ran to Rob. He seemed to have forgotten that they couldn't let people find out that they had kidnapped Clark.

Rob walked to his subordinate, frustrated because he spoke so loudly.

"What the hell!" Rob snapped.

The guard immediately lowered his voice and replied, "Boss, this kid passed out."

On hearing this, Rob was also startled. His eyes immediately fell on Clark, who was in the guard's arms. He narrowed his eyes and raised his hand to touch Clark's forehead.

"He's got a fever." Rob's heart tightened.

"Then what should we do? I have been taking good care of him. I have no idea as to what caused him this fever." The guard was afraid of being blamed, so he quickly explained to Rob.

Rob didn't blame him. He murmured, "What should we do?"

They were in the wilds with a child. And considering the situation, there was no way they could take Clark to the hospital.

The second they showed up at a hospital, they would be caught.

Realizing this, his anxiety increased. The only reason he kidnapped Clark was to force Charles out. Rob had been worried that Charles was pretending to be in a coma, so kidnapping his child seemed like the best way to test it.

Moreover, another important reason was that he needed to keep this child in order to get Ferry out of prison. It was a trade-off. Although his chance of victory was slim, he would never know whether it would work or not until he actually tried.

"Come with me, Abraham!" Noticing Clark's face was turning redder and redder, Rob made a quick decision.

"Okay." Abraham followed Rob, still holding Clark in his arms.

After a few steps, they noticed a few people walking towards them.

"Boss!" Alva shouted at them while he gripped Vicky's arm tightly.

Seeing that it was Alva and Vicky, Rob didn't look too surprised. He nodded his head and said, "Take her over there. And be careful. You shouldn't leave any evidence behind."

Hearing Rob's words, Vicky knew that she was on the verge of death. Although she

change the wet rags on Clark's forehead.

A few minutes later, Clark's face became less red. Vicky touched his forehead and found it was not so hot anymore.

But she was still worried, so she continued to use the wet cloth to wipe his body and forehead.

On the other side, Rob had been watching her. Noticing that Vicky no longer looked nervous, he asked in a hurry, "How's the boy? Is he getting better?"

Vicky pretended to be worried about him and said, "Rob, the fever has been brought down a little, but I'm afraid that there might be a sequela. We'd better take him to the hospital."

"How could there be sequela?" Rob frowned in confusion.

"Generally speaking, after having a high fever, a child's chest and lungs will be weakened because of the fever. And the worst part is we can't know anything for sure unless and until we consult a doctor," explained Vicky, trying her hardest to convince Rob.

"I don't care. I only want to child to stay alive. If he has sequela, it is none of my business," said Rob and let out a laugh.

Hearing what Rob said, Vicky was startled. It was all her fault. It was extremely stupid of her to forget that Clark was not his family. Whether the boy was in good health or not wouldn't really matter to him.

In frustration, Vicky added, "If the sequela lasts for a long time, it has the ability to kill people. It depends on the condition of his physical recovery. This kid is so skinny. I don't think he has a strong immune system. I'm afraid he won't be able to get through this."

"What crap is this! I didn't think this would become such a mess. I should have kidnapped his mother instead!" Rob spat out angrily.

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