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   Chapter 2137 An Ass In A Lion's Skin

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 8486

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Vicky had never expected that Rob would do such a thing. Although she tried putting her mind into it, she couldn't think of any way to lure him out.

Rob had cut off all connections with her, so she had no idea how to get a hold of him now. How could she find him?

Moreover, she had been trying so hard to run away from him. Reaching out to find him now would also mean risking her own life. Vicky raised her head as she tried to think further, and then a painting on the wall caught her attention. It showed a little boy playing on the sand, a red flag in his hand. Charles and Sheryl's son. He must be the same age. At this stage, she didn't even care about his whereabouts nor his safety.

A myriad of thoughts crowded into Vicky's mind at that moment, and she validated each of them. In the end, without saying a word, she made a decision that was most beneficial to her.

Sheryl was watching her all this time. She could tell from the look on Vicky's face that she didn't want to help. Vicky had always been selfish. How could she even think about others when she had no sympathy for them at all?

Smiling bitterly, Sheryl knew it was time to use her last card. Left with no other choice, it was her last resort.

"Charles has already woken up," Sheryl started. Staring at Vicky, she noticed the shock in her face though she tried to look calm. "He told me everything, including your failed attempt to drug him. In fact, he has already collected all the evidence about your collusion with Rob. The reason why he hasn't told the police yet is that he wanted to see if you have any repentance, Rachel," Sheryl said, stressing on her name. "No, your name is Vicky now, right? You are a smart girl, and you have gone through so much. Now that you have changed your identity, you can live a new life. You should understand that life is more important than anything else. And that's what we are offering you."

Sheryl's words made Vicky's heart sink. She could feel Sheryl's eyes on her, watching her expression the entire time.

What she had worried about the most had finally happened. Charles was awake. He knew everything, but he had decided not to expose it, at least not as of yet. He had been waiting for this moment to come, so he could threaten her.

Now that they couldn't find Rob, nor could they charge Ferry, they came to her.

The news of her being alive here would make headlines. Everyone could come and trouble her, including all her enemies.

A hint of sorrow reflected on Vicky's face. It seemed that no

Sheryl yelled at Stella, "How dare she! Stella, get someone to pack this woman's luggage immediately, and kick her out tonight!"

Seeing Sheryl was in a bad mood, Stella was glad. She was fed up with what Vicky had done to her these days. Feeling sick of Vicky, she agreed that she deserved to be thrown out. "Sure, I'll pack her luggage myself and make sure she leaves as soon as possible."

Sheryl angrily went to the door and felt the room was stuffy. Widely leaving the door open, she stood by it and scolded, "What is this all about? She lives inside my house and eats my food. How dare she disrespect me? I've tried to put up with her before, but my patience had its limits. Does she really think I'm a push-over?"

While Sheryl was scolding at Vicky, Stella had already gone upstairs to pack Vicky's luggage. She found Vicky standing by the door of her room. She lashed out at Stella and pushed her when she tried to enter.

"How dare you bully me? You useless servant! How dare you touch my luggage without my permission! I'm telling you, once Charles wakes up, he will..." Vicky started shouting, raising her voice loud enough so Sheryl could hear it from downstairs.

Sheryl got even angrier. Yelling back, she ordered, "Stella, go ahead. Don't listen to her. If she doesn't leave, just throw her stuff out!"

Hearing Sheryl's order, Stella looked at Vicky with a sly pleasure and sneered, "See? It's Ms. Xia's order. You'd better leave now while you can still save your face."

Stella's words seemed to fuel Vicky's anger even more. Her face turned black, and she pointed at Stella, her fingers trembling. " ass in a lion's skin! Who do you think you are?"

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