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   Chapter 2131 Condition Getting Worse.

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At the ICU of the hospital

Charles sat up on the bed the moment Sheryl left.

He called David at once.

"Mr. Lu, what's up? Isn't Ms. Xia there with you at the moment?" David asked, surprised to get a call from Charles at this time of the day. As far as David was aware, this was the time of the day when Sheryl went to visit Charles and gave him a body massage every day.

"Immediately call the kindergarten and figure out what has happened to Clark," Charles ordered, sounding anxious.

"Why? What happened?"

"Sheryl just got a call from my mother. She told Sheryl that Clark went missing from the kindergarten this afternoon," Charles answered.

"What! How could this be possible? Okay, I'll check with them right away." David hung up the phone hurriedly.

Charles sat on the bed, feeling deeply annoyed.

Charles felt as if an invisible trap was slowly approaching him and his family. It seemed that the mastermind behind all this was not yet satisfied, even after creating so much havoc in his life that he kidnapped Clark to punish Charles.

'This is not over yet. I have to fight back. I must fight back.'

Charles took out his cell phone and dialed another number.

He waited for the call to be answered. After a while of dialing, the line was connected.

"Hey, how come you have woken up in such a short time?" the man on the other side answered in a low yet hoarse voice.

Charles ignored the jeer and asked in a low voice, "How is he doing?"

"Nothing special. He just sleeps and basks in the sun throughout the day."

"Nothing special at all? Are you sure?" Charles asked.

"Yes. Why? Is there anything wrong?"

"Keep a very close eye on him and inform me in time if anything happens."

"Is he planning something bad? This man is really like a millipede. We have taught him many lessons, but he is so stubborn that he doesn't change at all," the man said.

"He is very hard to deal with." A hint of coldness flashed through Charles' eyes. "He will take some actions very soon. Be vigilant."

"Okay, I see. By the way, were you there in the car accident?" the man asked.

Charles replied indifferently, "You will come to know about it at the right time."

"You!" The man knew Charles very well. It was difficult to get information from him as long as he did not want to divulge it. The man knew that it was futile to get agitated on this matter. Hence, it would make sense for him to rather

s, Madam. Mr. Lu is very lucky. Nothing bad will happen to him. Just let Sher go to the hospital first. If she gets any news, she will let us know it."

Melissa had no choice but to nod. "Okay, Sher, no matter what happens, you must tell me first."

"Yes." Seeing that Melissa agreed, Sheryl exchanged a few words with Nancy and then hurried to the hospital.

In the hospital

There was a pin drop silence in the intensive care unit.

Sheryl arrived at the hospital in a hurry. She found that the bodyguards on Charles's floor were positioned in the same place as before. Sheryl rushed ahead without paying much attention to them.

When she arrived at the door, the nurse opened the door of Charles' ward for her.

Sheryl's mind was completely blank at the moment. All she wanted to see at the moment was that Charles was fine. She just rushed in without even thanking the nurse.

The door of the intensive care unit closed behind her, and she stood there in a dimly lit room. But before she could figure out what was going on in the room, she saw a figure flash out.

Sheryl stopped breathing. After the whole day of dealing with troubles one after the other, now she didn't have the nerve to deal with some new trouble here in Charles' ward. The first thing that came to her mind was that some intruder must have entered Charles' ward to harm him. Suddenly, her mouth was covered by someone.

Just then, she heard a familiar voice from behind her. "Sher, it's me."

Sheryl's stiff body suddenly softened. She turned around and let her body collapse to lean against the man's chest, heaving a sigh of relief.

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