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   Chapter 2129 Take Good Care Of Her

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For a while, Melissa was upset. When she looked up, she saw Sheryl's face and quickly realized that she was overreacting.

"Sher, I know you've been nice to Charles these past few days. Tell me. Do you still love Charles? Do you still want to be with him?"

Sheryl found it strange that she didn't feel embarrassed that Melissa saw right through her. Instead, she felt relieved.

"I… As long as Charles wakes up, I'll listen to him," Sheryl said truthfully.

Upon hearing this, Melissa stood up and hugged her in joy. "Good girl, good girl. I know you still care about him. You're a good daughter-in-law in the Lu Family," she praised.

"Don't cry." Melissa wiped away the tears on Sheryl's face and continued, "Let's stop crying and look at the bright side. Charles will wake up one day. We need to be happy when that happens. We need to be able to welcome him then. He can't see that we're having a rough time."

"Yes." Sheryl nodded with a faint smile on her face.

Melissa looked at her and couldn't help but laugh.

At a villa in the suburb

Vicky finally imploded. She didn't expect that the Shining Company would release to the press that Charles had gotten into a car accident.

They also announced that Charles was due to wake up soon.

No way!

If Charles woke up then everything she did would be for nothing. She would also be doomed. She would have no place to live, and no one would be willing to help her because they would all hate her.

She was already hated by everyone. If she didn't have plastic surgery, she would be shunned completely.

No! No! She couldn't live like that!

Trembling, Vicky dialed Rob's number.

Strangely, the phone was ringing, but no one was answering.

This had never happened before!

Vicky slumped back in her chair, her mind making up the worst possible scenarios.

Rob probably knew that Charles was going to wake up, which was why he wasn't answering her calls anymore.

She was just Rob's puppet. When she was useful, he would happily use her to his whim, but when she didn't have a use to him, he would completely ignore her

as she going to do if this continued?

Sheryl fetched a chair and sat beside Charles' bed.

"Charles, do you not want to wake up?" Sheryl asked gently, looking at Charles.

He still lay motionless–no response, no anything.

Sheryl held Charles' hand gently and stroked it with her left hand. It was cold, but she was used to it.

"Charles, I miss the days when we were still together. While we went through a lot, I still believe we were happy most of the time. You know what? I had a dream last night. In the dream, you proposed to me again. You told me that you would marry me in the next life. You said that it was going to be better this time. You kept promising me so many things. Even though it was just in my dream, when you wake up, I still want you to make and keep the same promises..."

Sheryl replied in a low voice, all the while fondly caressing Charles' arm. She didn't even notice that Charles' eyelids were trembling.

The doctor had told her that since Charles wasn't moving, his body could go numb. She was advised by the doctor to massage Charles' body whenever she could.

Every day, Sheryl took the time to massage Charles' body. She had already massaged his hands and arms and now she was going to massage his legs.

They used to be husband and wife. Although they had divorced, she had never forgotten this man. Thus she was pretty comfortable giving him a massage.

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