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   Chapter 2128 Enough

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Charles seemed quite satisfied.

"Okay. Just spread the news and wait. Also, please dismiss some of the security guards. I don't want to be guarded by so many people."

"But... What about your safety? If anything bad happens to you, Madam will kill me," David said in fear.

Charles glanced at David. 'I haven't seen you in a few days, and yet you seem wiser, ' he thought to himself.

David felt a chill run down his spine.

"Got it." Those who are mindful of the time are wise, and David was that type of person. He merely nodded his head in agreement.

The next day

The Shining company held a press conference where its spokesman announced that Charles, the president of the company, had been hospitalized due to a car accident. Everyone went berserk. David also announced that Charles was about to wake up in a few days.

This news shocked everyone.

Everyone, including their own employees, was quite suspicious of the actual veracity of this piece of news.

Soon, reports flooded the company where everyone was asked question after question.

In the hotel

Damian was still sleeping on the bed. He didn't sleep well last night. He tossed and turned until it was late at night.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door followed by a loud noise.

Damian was woken up. When he opened the door, he was still a bit sleepy. He jolted awake when he saw Duke standing in front of him, looking anxious.

"What's wrong? You're so rude. I'm sleeping!" Damian yawned then turned to head back to bed. He still wanted to get more sleep.

"Something's wrong," Duke hurriedly shouted as he grabbed Damian's arm.

Damian stopped, looking at Duke in confusion. "What happened?" he asked in concern.

"You don't know yet?" Duke said impatiently. He continued, "The Shining company held a press conference. They announced that Charles was in

just decided to announce that Charles is going to wake up soon. They did that so the internal operations of the company won't be affected."

"Are you saying that all of this is fake? Did they lie to everyone?" Melissa asked in surprise.

Sheryl nodded.

The delight on Melissa's face turned into sadness as she murmured, "I should have known it. I visited Charles in the hospital yesterday. The doctor didn't tell me that he was going to wake up. It has only been a night since then. How could the doctor suddenly know that he's going to wake up?"

Sheryl too was disappointed. Tears fell from Melissa's eyes, but Sheryl didn't know how to comfort her.

Every day, she waited for Charles to wake up, but she only ended up being disappointed.

She seemed to have already accepted this cruel reality. Even if Charles didn't wake up, she would just stay with him and take care of him forever.

Upon second thoughts, she thought maybe it wouldn't be so bad.

They wouldn't fight or get into misunderstandings anymore. This way, they could spend the rest of their lives together. Even though they wouldn't be able to be romantic with each other anymore, at least they would still know that they were still in each other's hearts.

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