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   Chapter 2127 Charles' Secret Meeting With David

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Upon hearing this, Damian was a little flustered. While he knew what Rob meant, he still felt a little uncertain if he should do what Rob had told him.

If Sheryl knew that he was going to be against Charles, would she be more reluctant to be with him?

Noticing Damian's confusion, Rob stepped forward and rubbed him on the shoulder. He said in a soothing voice, "You don't have to worry so much, really. It's about fighting for the one you love, right? Even if Sheryl found out, could she blame you? In the end, she'd have no choice but to accept it. Besides, she doesn't even have to know. You can just not tell her if you don't want her to know."

Damian was deeply touched by Rob's words. All he was thinking about right now was how to get Sheryl back from Charles and keep her by his side.

The sternness in Rob's eyes brought Damian back to his senses. In response, Damian laughed and said, "Mr. Li, you're a wise man. I'm going to listen to your advice. I look forward to hearing good news from you!"

With Damian's permission, Rob left. Damian seemed hesitant as he didn't move even long after Rob had left. His face was gloomy, and he seemed deep in thought. Finally, a crazy idea came to him.

In the hospital

Sheryl was going to visit Charles. She changed her clothes before going.

Every day, she would come and see Charles and talk to him even though he wasn't conscious. Sheryl didn't mind as it was already enough that she could see his face every day.

Sheryl looked at Charles quietly. In her heart, she felt calm.

She knew that Charles wasn't going to be in a coma forever. But she was getting more and more scared. She was afraid that Charles wouldn't wake up.

If only she had a choice, she'd be the one lying in bed unconscious instead of Charles.

"Charles, don't you want to wake up? Would you just want to sleep forever? Do you hate me that much

own breath.

David quickly brought him some warm water. As he watched Charles drink it, he asked in concern, "Mr. Lu, why don't you rest first? Are you already thinking about work? Don't worry. Everything with the company is fine."

"No, that's not what I'm worried about." Charles pulled himself together and added, "There's more. Something terrible is going to happen to the company."

"What? How...How did you know?" David asked, his voice trailing off.

'Why would I doubt Mr. Lu? I'm such a terrible subordinate, ' he thought inwardly.

"I need you to spread the news of my incident. Remember to find the biggest newspaper outlets. And don't forget to tell them that the doctor said I would wake up in a few days."

"Why? Mr. Lu, you're already awake now. Is it because of those who are after the company? Is this your way of countering their attack? Well, I don't really know what you're planning."

"There are more of them than we expected. I'm planning to take them down all in one go," Charles replied confidently.

David was still confused, but he always followed Charles's orders. Even if he didn't understand what Charles' plan was, he wouldn't ask; instead, he would just do it. He nodded and said, "All right, Mr. Lu. I'm on it."

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