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   Chapter 2126 What Do You Want

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Duke was a little surprised to hear what Damian just said. Duke found that man extremely weird and suspected him to be a rival. He tried to convince Damian that taking any favor from that person would not be of any help to him ultimately.

"Don't be deceived, Damian! Do you even know who he is? Are you sure you need to keep in touch with him?" Duke tried to persuade him.

"Do you think I have any other option than taking his help? Now that Sher doesn't talk to me, and even Isla doesn't help me, I'm getting farther and farther away from Sher. I've done so much for her, yet I have still not been able to win her heart. What do you expect me to do now?" Damian expressed his anguish.

Duke marked the desperateness in Damian. He remained silent for a while and then said, "But your identity is different from others. From what you are telling me, I can see that you have decided to become a puppet in someone else's hands. What if that person uses you for their vested interest? You will be wronged in a way where you will never be able to come out of it. Have you thought about that?"

"I'm not afraid of being used. As long as Sher can leave Charles and comes back to me. And as long as I can win her heart, I am willing to accept the worse results," Damian answered determinedly.

Duke shook his head in dismay. He could understand Damian's state of mind. But one thing he could still not understand was how a young and well-to-do man like Damian falls for a mother-of-two in such a way that he can become so desperate to be with her at any cost. In Duke's opinion, it was not worth the effort.

"Well, it's all up to you to decide. But remember, please brace yourself. Make sure not to put yourself into trouble. If anything happens to you, I will not be able to explain to your father," Duke warned Damian.

"Okay, I will!" Saying that Damian hung up the phone. Slowly the smile faded from his face, and he looked around with a grim look.

Damian knew that he had chosen a difficult path, and he had to be very careful.

He had followed the instructions to arrive at the abandoned factory. It was a deserted place bereft of any human contact.

At the time when Damian arrived, Rob was yet to reach the place. After ten minutes of waiting, Damian became doubtful about Rob's intention of coming to meet him.

Damian himself was in two minds whether to wait for Rob or leave the deserted place. He took out his phone to make a call to Duke. Just then, he heard a rustling sound behind him.

He turned around at once and saw several huge German shepherds circling him from all sides.

The huge German shepherds stuck out their tongues, and they watched Damian with their lethal and unforgiving eyes, salivating through the d


This was a very powerful psychological tactic that Rob had learned from an expert. In this way, he could defeat his opponent at any moment.

"So, what's your decision?" Rob asked.

By that time, Damian was already thinking in the direction Rob wanted him to think. He knew what to do.

"Just tell me what you want?" said Damian.

"It's very simple. Charles has met with a car accident. He is lying unconscious in the intensive care unit. The only person who is there with him at this time is Sheryl, who is taking care of him. Guess what it means?"

Damian was shocked. Charles met with an accident?

Isla had mentioned earlier that Charles was in trouble. So this was the trouble.

Given the situation, Sheryl wouldn't even go to the company. She would stay with Charles to look after him. It was not simply out of sympathy.

"Old love dies hard. You know Sheryl still loves Charles. It's okay as long as Charles is in a coma. But the day he wakes up, what do you think Sheryl will do? Will they get back together as if they had never been separated?" Rob went on, triggering Damian's flow of thought to instigate him against Charles.

Rob carefully chose his words to echo Damian's apprehensions and insecurities. Damian fell into deep thought. Heart of heart, he knew how Sheryl would choose between him and Charles. He knew that Sheryl could never stop loving Charles. And after this car accident, she would find it more difficult to leave him.

"Mr. Li, I'm just giving you a piece of advice. In fact, there is no such thing as who owns whom. It completely depends on whether you fight for it or not. Sheryl used to be Charles' wife. But since they are divorced now, Sheryl is single. To keep her by your side, you need to break all barriers that come between you and Sheryl. Just play your cards right!"

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