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   Chapter 2125 It Is Inconvenient

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At the police station

David called and gave a heads-up to the deputy director of the police station, Paul, before he went to the station. Paul was a good friend of Charles and was always willing to help him.

Paul warmly welcomed David as soon as he arrived. He invited David up to his office and made him a cup of tea. Then they began to discuss Charles.

"I didn't know Mr. Lu was in an accident. I'm so sorry to hear that!" Paul said.

David updated Paul, all the while assuring him, "Mr. Lu isn't in critical condition anymore. He's expected to wake up soon. But Paul, we really want to arrest whoever did this as soon as possible since we don't want something like this to happen again."

"I've already asked people to look into it, but it's quite tricky. David, can you tell me what Mr. Lu's relationship is to Vicky?"

Paul asked this because he needed to know how Charles felt about Vicky. If it turned out that he had taken a liking toward her, it would make the investigation harder.

"It doesn't matter. Vicky is a scheming person. I really think it's possible that she has something to do with the accident," David said through gritted teeth.

Paul was relieved to hear this. "We already found something on Vicky. We found her personal information, and it's a bit strange. She was abroad for a while, and she had just returned here. The minute she comes home, Mr. Lu accidentally hits her. She doesn't have any business or relatives in the country. She just shows up out of nowhere."

"Yes, I know that. And to be honest with you, Paul, Mr. Lu has been suspicious of her for quite a while now. Do you know Ferry..." David told everything to Paul, including the fact that Charles had asked him to investigate whether Ferry and Vicky were in cahoots with each other.

Paul was shocked upon hearing this. He didn't expect Ferry to still be involved in something like this.

Ferry was a powerful and influential man who had a big influence in the ci

leave, his heart aching.

Disappointed, he returned to his hotel. Just as he was about to call Duke, he suddenly received a strange call.

"Mr. Li? Can I meet you?" It was Rob who was calling Damian. That was why the voice sounded familiar.

Damian was taken aback. He wasn't really in the mood to talk to anyone.

"No, thanks. I'm busy, and I really don't want to go out right now," Damian said.

Rob responded, his tone sarcastic, "I'm calling to give you a heads up. If you don't do something right now, Sheryl's going to get back together with her ex-husband again."

Upon hearing this, the look on Damian's face shifted.

'Does this man know something?

Is this about Charles?'

After careful consideration, Damian agreed to meet Rob.

"Okay, I'll go and see you, but you better not be lying to me."

"Mr. Li, you are indeed a straightforward person. Don't worry. The information I have will definitely benefit you. I'll send you the time and place. Don't ditch me." Rob chuckled and hung up on Damian.

A few moments after, Rob sent Damian a message containing the time and place of their meet-up.

He was still a little worried, so he forwarded the message to Duke.

"What the hell are you doing?" Duke called him right away.

Damian then told him everything he knew about Rob.

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