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   Chapter 2124 The Manipulator Behind The Scene

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Rob tried his best to remain patient and explain everything to her in a detailed manner. Even though it was beyond impossible for her to completely understand it, she pretended like she was sympathetic to his words. Moreover, she had no choice. One thing she knew for sure was that as long as Charles was still alive, she had no chance of survival.

Life had put her in a difficult position.

There was no way back, whether she wanted it or not.

"Okay, Rob. I promise to complete the task this time. Thank you for giving me this chance," Vicky promised.

In fact, she had another thought. If she could take advantage of Charles' incident to get rid of her two biggest enemies, she would love to it. Payback was something she craved. She was so immersed in this thought that she didn't even care about her life.

In fact, death was something she was willing to welcome. Finally, her mind would receive the rest it needed. She could let go of the things that were bothering her. And when she reached the netherworld, she was positive she would meet Bernard again.

Seeing that Vicky was being nice to him, Rob softened his tone, saying, "I'll give you three days. But be careful because you know very well what will happen if you should fail."

"Yes, I know. I will definitely complete the task."

After hanging up the phone, Vicky fell to the ground as if she had been exhausted.

She was still shocked by what she had heard. She had never expected that one day, Charles' life would be in her hands.


While she was still thinking about this, another important thought popped into her mind. 'How am I going to enter the hospital and get some alone time with Charles?' she wondered. She knew this wouldn't be an easy task.

In the hospital

Sheryl had come to visit Charles like she had been doing every day. As soon as she walked out of the elevator, she and her kids were stopped by two men.

Looking up, she noticed these men were tall and strong.

Sheryl frowned and was about to ask what had happened when David rushed over from another direction.

"Let go of Sheryl!" David called out.

The two men in black, who blocked Sheryl, hurriedly moved aside and nodded as one of them apologized, "I'm sorry, President Xia."

All this left Sheryl feeling confused. Seeing

and said, "Nothing seemed wrong when Mr. Lu arrived. He stayed with Vicky for about half an hour after he went upstairs. But when he came downstairs, I noticed this change in him."

Hearing this, David was shocked. 'Did Mr. Lu really fall into Vicky's trick after he went upstairs?' he couldn't help but wonder.

At the moment, he was greedy for more information. David continued asking, "How about Vicky? Did she act differently after Mr. Lu left?"

Stella tried hard to recall the incidents of that night. After several seconds, she said, "Not really. Vicky seemed very content that day. She also warned me to be obedient. She said if I wished, I could live a good life in the future. And then she threatened me, saying she had the power to make it miserable if she pleased."

"This woman..." David felt more and more perplexed. He was sure something major happened that day, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it.

At the thought of this, David comforted Stella and asked her to go back to keep an eye on Vicky. If there was anything amiss, he advised her to contact him immediately.

Worrying that Charles might be in danger, Stella requested David to ping her as soon as he woke up.

After Stella left, David hurried to the police station. He had to report the situation to the police without any further delay.

If the whole thing had something to do with Vicky, then the boss behind Vicky was sure to make another move. David himself could never find out the manipulator. He would have to rely on the police.

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