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   Chapter 2122 Sheryl Watches Charles

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Outside the ICU

Melissa and Sheryl approached the doctor on duty to learn about Charles' condition.

"Doctor, is my son out of danger now?" Melissa asked with concern.

The doctor on duty understood the concerns of the patient's family. Besides, her superior had asked her to take special care of the patient in this ward. Hence, she knew that she had to pay particular attention to the patient's family.

"The patient is getting better now. He is expected to be in a coma temporarily. Don't worry, we will inform you immediately if anything goes wrong."

Sheryl felt relieved to hear that.

She expressed her gratitude to the doctor on duty, "Thank you so much, Doctor."

"You're welcome. It's my duty," the doctor replied politely. Then she added, "You only have half an hour to visit the patient in a day. It is from 3 o'clock to 3:30 PM. Entry is allowed only to one person. It's almost time for the visiting time to start. Who wants to go in?" the doctor asked and waited for them to decide.

Melissa and Sheryl looked at each other. Being a mother, Melissa wanted to be the first one to visit her son. But when she saw the anxiousness on Sheryl's face, she changed her mind.

"Sher, go inside and see Charles. I know when he opens his eyes, the first person he would like to see is you," Melissa said convincingly.

Sheryl waved her hand in a hurry and said, "No, Aunt Melissa. You're the most important person to him. You should see him first."

"Why are you still willing to give up the chance, Sher? Charles loves you the most in this world. And this will never change. Besides, I saw Charles when he was out of the operating room yesterday. It's your turn to see him. Maybe he will wake up the moment you see him..." Melissa said, trying to look for some hope for Charles' speedy recovery.

Sheryl agreed and proceeded towards the ICU, where Charles was lying unconscious.

After her whole body had been disinfected, Sheryl was kitted out with a hospital uniform, mask, and gloves, and she stood in front of the ward door.

The doctor on duty swiped the card to open the door of the ICU. Sheryl tiptoed into the room.

As Sheryl entered the dimly lit ward, her vision was rather hazy as she tried to look through the ward from one end to the other. Her eyes fell upon the medical equipment and instruments, which still looked blurry. Only after squinting, could she finally see the condition in the ward clearly.

The room was filled with all kinds of cold equi

harles to wake up. Yet no miracle happened when Sheryl went inside his ward. Sheryl's deep love for Charles could not bring him back from a coma.

Melissa shook her head and said, "It's not your fault, Sher. Don't blame yourself for that. It's okay. Charles will wake up sooner or later."

"Well, I also believe that he will wake up very soon."

After they left the intensive care unit, they went to check on Shirley, who was scheduled to be released from the hospital on that day. After all the paperwork and by the time they reached the Dream Garden, it was almost noon.

Shirley was very excited to learn that she would live in the Dream Garden. She longed to taste the food cooked by Nancy.

"Mom, are we going to stay with dad every day? By the way, dad hasn't come to pick me up from the hospital today. Has he abandoned Mom and me again?" Shirley asked Sheryl.

Sheryl was afraid that her voice might betray her inner feelings, so she looked away hurriedly.

Melissa immediately explained, "Shirley, your dad is on a business trip. When he is done with his work, I will ask him to call you, okay?"

Shirley nodded her head and replied, "Hum... as long as Dad doesn't leave me, Mom and Clark, I'm relieved. It doesn't matter if he calls me or not."

Melissa was glad that her granddaughter was such a considerate child. She said, "All right. Now let's wash our hands and have dinner, okay?"

"Let's go!" As a child, Shirley forgot all her unhappiness quickly. She hopped ahead to wash her hands with Nancy.

After Shirley left, Melissa walked to Sheryl and said, "Don't worry. Shirley is just a child. Don't take her words to your heart."

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