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   Chapter 2120 At A Loss

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"Well, Mrs. Lu, I'm afraid you're going to have to ask the police. We only know what happened to Mr. Lu, but not who did it. That's the police's job," the director quipped rather awkwardly.

Melissa couldn't help but be worried. The police had told her that there was a truck where Charles' car had crashed, but the driver was nowhere to be found.

"Okay, I see. Thank you." Melissa nodded, having just snapped out of her trance.

The director and the doctors exchanged looks of relief.

"Can I see him now?" Melissa asked again.

"Mr. Lu has been transferred to the ICU, and we don't allow any visitors there. Kindly be patient, and we'll keep you updated," the director said.

Melissa had no choice but to nod in agreement.

Melissa was told to go home by the doctor. When she arrived home, Nancy asked her how Charles was.

When the doctor had called Melissa about Charles, Nancy couldn't go along as she had to stay home to look after Clark. Naturally, she was quite worried.

"Charles still hasn't woken up after his surgery. The doctor said he needs to stay at the ICU for further observation. The doctor told me he would update me when we could visit Charles," Melissa explained, her face looking concerned. She then asked, "Nancy, should I tell Chris and Gary about this?"

Nancy was at a loss as to what to do. Charles was supporting the rest of the Lu Family after all.

If Charles didn't make it, they'd have no one to rely on.

"Mrs. Lu, if you want, we can talk to Sheryl and ask her what she thinks," Nancy suggested.

Melissa nodded. She didn't know why, as Sheryl wasn't even her daughter-in-law anymore. She just found herself agreeing, and for some reason, she thought it was a good idea too.

Nancy was relieved to hear that Melissa hadn't turned down her suggestion. She said, "I am going to call her right now."

"No," Melissa suddenly said, "I'll call her myself."


depressed too.

Charles hadn't come back since leaving the hospital, which was what Sheryl was worrying about.

This was the last thing she expected of Charles.

This only proved that all he'd said before was a lie. Sheryl started to hate herself as she was always being played by Charles. Why couldn't she just learn from the past? She always held out hope for Charles.

Sheryl decided to get up. Shirley was still sleeping, so she went to the bathroom to wash up while waiting for Shirley to wake up.

Melissa would send food over to them, so Sheryl didn't have to cook or prepare their food.

Shirley was going to get discharged as soon as they had breakfast. Sheryl was relieved, but she still couldn't help but worry.

She couldn't tell where her sadness came from, but she felt empty in her heart. Once Shirley was discharged, she was going to pick Clark up from the Dream Garden and never talk to Charles again.

At the thought of this, she felt a pang in her heart.

After a while, Shirley turned to the side, consequently pushing the quilt off the bed and onto the floor.

She shook her head and quickly went to pick up the quilt and cover Shirley with it. Meanwhile, the door opened.

Sheryl raised her head and found Melissa standing at the door.

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