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   Chapter 2118 Stella's Suspicion

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Stella grew suspicious. As she pondered, she decided she was going to get to the bottom of this.

"Miss Ruan, are you hungry? If you are, I can cook for you. What do you want to eat? I'll do it now," Stella asked as she approached Vicky, trying to find a way to talk to her.

"Hmm, I think I want some dumplings. Yes, I want that. Can you make that by hand for me?" Vicky casually demanded. Then she waved her hand and returned her attention to her phone.

Stella was extremely disgusted with Vicky's demeanor. Vicky didn't even look at her as she made this demand. Even if Stella was her servant, she still needed to be respected.

Still, Stella had to bear with Vicky. She needed to follow whatever Vicky asked her to do.

"Okay, give me half an hour. I'll do it right now." Stella nodded and headed to the kitchen.

This time, Vicky didn't even bother to answer Stella. She kept her eyes on her phone, extremely focused.

Meanwhile, Stella was furious at Vicky with how she just treated her now. As she kneaded the dough with her hand, she let out her anger.

If it weren't for Vicky, Stella would be home right now and spending time with her family where she would definitely be much happier. Instead, she was here being ordered around by a terrible person like Vicky.

Her head started to ache from thinking about Vicky when suddenly, she thought of something.

'Is Mr. Lu really charmed by her? Why would he waste his time on a woman as horrible as her?

He didn't even say goodbye to me when he left just now. Is it possible that Vicky's gotten to him? Oh, my goodness! That woman is so evil. Mr. Lu has always been nice to me, except today...She must have said something bad about me...'

Stella suddenly felt scared as she thought of this. She was going to use this job so she could retire. She couldn't afford to lose this job.

Having prepared the midnight snack that Vicky had asked for, Stella carefully carried the food container out of the kitchen. However, as soon as she got out of the kitchen, she heard Vicky talking on the phone.

"Don't worry. He's gone. Everything went well," Vicky answered.

"I didn't do anything to him. Why don't you trust me? If you don't trust me, then why would you ask for my help with this?" The more Vicky spoke, the angrier she seemed.

Stella grew curious. She retreated a few steps back so she could eavesdrop.

"I know, I won't ruin your plan. Don't worry. He's only going to be dizzy for a while, but he'll sober up when the effects of

ance that Vicky would do that to her.

Charles still hadn't replied to her, which only made Stella more nervous.

On the way back to Dream Garden, Charles tried to recall what had happened.

Vicky had gone to the balcony and answered a phone call. Her attitude immediately changed after that call. He found that to be really suspicious.

Charles thought he remembered clearly what Vicky's eyes looked like at that moment. The hatred in her eyes was so menacing that it looked like she could kill him out of anger. After that call, she'd calmed down.

'Why? Who was she talking with on the phone?

Is that person related to Ferry?

So had she been taking Ferry's orders all this time? Who on earth is she?

How did she know Ferry? Were they friends? Is that why Vicky has kept bothering me for so long? What's her motive? What's her purpose?'

Charles' mind was racing with questions. Suddenly, he glanced at the bag next to him. There was transparent liquid inside the bag, which reminded Charles of the glass of water that Vicky had tried to make him drink. The liquid in the bag and the glass of water looked eerily the same.

While Charles didn't drink the entire glass, he took a small sip as he had a hunch that Vicky had done something with the water. He had then decided to take a small bag as a sample to figure out what the liquid was and consequently find out what Vicky was planning to do with him.

Charles was driving his car into the crossroads. While deep in thought, a car suddenly came from the opposite direction and crashed right into his car.

For a moment, Charles could see nothing but darkness. Suddenly, he'd lost all consciousness.

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