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   Chapter 2117 What Happened

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"Okay, I'll go to sleep now..." Charles slowly stood up, looking bored. He held Vicky's hand and let her lead him forward.

Meanwhile, Vicky was excited to hear this. She took Charles to the bed and whispered in his ear, "You must be thirsty now. You need water."

Charles repeated her words, "I'm thirsty. I want to drink water."

Vicky touched Charles' forehead and said, "Good boy, I'll bring you some water right now."

Charles stared blankly ahead without saying a word.

Vicky poured a bottle of water from the table into a cup and handed it to Charles. "Drink so you won't be thirsty any more."

"I want to drink water..." Charles murmured as he took the glass.

Seeing that Charles still hadn't drunk the water, Vicky urged him, "Drink some water. If you're thirsty, please drink some water."

A hint of disappointment flashed through Charles' eyes. He was wondering what he should do next.

She must have done something to the water. But if Charles didn't drink it, then he couldn't prove anything. How else could he expose her then?

However, he knew for sure that she must have done something to the water. If he drank it, what would happen? He really didn't know. There was a possibility that she put poison in the water, and was it worth it to risk his life?

Suddenly, Vicky's phone rang.

She looked at Charles anxiously. Her phone was still ringing. She had no choice but to answer the call.

As soon as Vicky turned around, Charles immediately poured the water from the glass under the bed, leaving the glass empty.

Vicky uneasily answered the call. Immediately, she looked back to Charles and found that his glass was already empty. She retreated her gaze, satisfied.

"Hello?" Vicky was still a little worried, so she went to the balcony to answer the call.

"You got it?"

She couldn't hear anything from upstairs, which worried her a bit. Several times, she thought of going upstairs to check what was happening, but she couldn't as Charles didn't order her to.

Whenever Charles saw Vicky, he always had this look of disgust on his face. What happened then? Why did he look like this? He always looked angry and impatient around Vicky.

Stella approached Charles to ask him what happened; however, he didn't seem to see her as he just headed straight for the door.

When he got in his car, he immediately started the engine.

Stella was shocked. Not long after, Vicky came downstairs.

"Stella, I'm hungry. Do you have something for me to eat?" Vicky said, grinning.

As soon as she finished speaking, she sat down at the table before Stella could even respond.

Stella was shocked.

Before, whenever Charles left, Vicky was always mad. She would break a glass or two and curse him or be upset the entire night. However, this time, she seemed happy. What could have happened?

No! Vicky even seemed joyful as if her scheme had worked.

The more Stella thought it over, the more frightened she grew. She wanted to run after Charles and ask him what had happened.

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