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   Chapter 2116 Vicky's Trap

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At the suburban villa, Vicky had a complacent smile on her face as she gazed at her phone screen after the call got disconnected.

She raised her hand to look at the watch. The hands of the watch were pointing towards the time she wanted it to.

She knew Charles very well. Now that he had promised to come here, he would come, no matter what.

It would take her an hour to complete the task. Her goal would be accomplished.

Vicky rose from the bed and hastened to enter the bathroom. She took a small wooden box out from the bottom of the cabinet. She gently opened the wooden box and took out a long and thin object like a sandalwood incense stick. She looked at it with a menacing smile on her face.

It was a wonderful thing. Vicky looked at it as if she was holding a magic wand in her hand. In less than a minute of taking it out, the entire bathroom was pervaded by a spate of faint fragrance, which smelled very good.

Vicky took a deep breath and swayed her head back as if to relax her body. Then, suddenly, she came back with a jerk as if she had suddenly been induced with a splurge of some vigorous vitality in her body. Her eyes looked mysterious as if she was in a trance.

Walking to the window, Vicky placed the incense in a white and slender porcelain bottle. After placing the stick, she took a step back and took a look at it. She eyed the orange incense kept in the bottle and felt it did not look very complimentary being isolated right in front of the window pane.

Vicky looked around at the other objects lying around, and her eyes fell on a vase of lilies. She immediately took a few pieces of lilies from that vase and put them next to the incense in the porcelain bottle. After that, she looked at the arrangement once again and gave an approving smile.

The stage was all set. Now, it was time to wait for Charles to arrive. Vicky looked at the bottle of water kept on the table with a sneer.

In less than an hour, Charles' car arrived outside the villa.

Hearing the sound of the car, Stella rushed to the gate to receive Charles. Seeing Charles get out of the car, she winked at him and pointed upstairs.

"Mr. Lu, how come you are here?"

Charles didn't answer her question and asked, "Where is Miss Ruan?"

"Miss Ruan is upstairs. She has been there throughout the day. She is in a foul mood. And she didn't eat or drink." Stella then lowered her voice and confided in Charles, "She has been furious since morning. She even threw and smashed things in the bedroom."

"Thank you for putting up with all this, Stella," Charles said and started climbing the stairs.

Charles knocked on the door of Vicky's bedroom. He waited for a few seconds, but there was no response c

supposed to be so strong, and lilies don't smell so good. Where is it coming from exactly?' Charles' mind was preoccupied with the smell and the question of where it came from.

After a while, Charles started to feel dizzy again. He closed his eyes tightly and opened them only to find his vision blurred. Vicky observed Charles for a while. When she noticed that he started to look blank and dreamy, she knew that the fragrance had kicked in.

As long as the fragrance spread out, no one could resist it even though he or she had powerful self-control.

Vicky had taken the antidote beforehand. That was the reason the fragrance did not have any impact on her.

Seeing that Charles had fallen in her trap, Vicky let out a sly smile.

She would wait quietly until the man was completely under her control. Then she would slowly torture him!

"Charles, how are you feeling? Do you feel uncomfortable?" Vicky walked closer to Charles and asked with concern.

"Oh, my God! My head is hurting!" Charles clasped his head from both sides and squatted down, looking anguished.

Then he covered his mouth with his right hand while still supporting his head with the other hand. He was rubbing something on his nostrils.

Vicky stood right in front of Charles and watched the spell of the fragrance working on him. When she was convinced that Charles was out of his senses, she approached him calmly and said, "Are you alright? Do you feel dizzy and uncomfortable? Do you want to go to sleep?" Vicky asked in a very soft and gentle voice.

Charles nodded his head obediently and said, "Yes, I feel so dizzy now. I just want to sleep so badly."

"Very good. Come on. Hold my hand. I'll take you to sleep." Vicky reached out her hand to Charles like a queen and looked down at him with a condescending smile.

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