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   Chapter 2115 Love Buried In The Bottom Of Her Heart

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When they walked out of the ward, Sheryl looked back and gazed at her daughter on the bed. Suddenly, her gaze shifted and fell on Charles. She was going to tell him what she had in mind.

"Sher, why don't you go back to sleep tonight? I'll be here to look after her," Charles suggested, hoping Sheryl would take some rest.

As soon as he said this, Sheryl refused. "No, there is no need for you to take this trouble. I can take care of my daughter."

"How can you say such a thing to me? She is my daughter too! It is my responsibility to look after her. And you just got back from the hospital. You need some good rest," Charles insisted.

'Is he really not going to leave tonight?' Sheryl could not help but wonder.

She was at a loss of words, not knowing what to do next.

Just when she was in a dilemma, Charles's phone began to ring, bringing her out of this reverie.

Charles lowered his head and took out his cell phone. He merely glanced at the caller ID, but didn't answer it.

Sheryl watched him furrow his brows as if he had some troubles at hand.

According to Sheryl's understanding of Charles, this call must be from someone he didn't want to talk to.

'Who could it be?' she couldn't help but wonder.

Considering it was late at night, it seemed obvious that it wasn't work related. After racking her brain, Sheryl's mind came up with a plausible explanation.

Immediately, anger and frustration once again began to take up her heart. She was quite certain that this phone call must be from that woman!

'Oh, my gosh! She is so persistent. She dares to call him at this hour even when she knows he is at the hospital!'

Sheryl's face turned grim at this thought.

Just like Sheryl had guessed, the call was indeed from Vicky. Charles was still debating whether to pick up the call or ignore it. However, he didn't have to continue with this dilemma any longer. The phone suddenly stopped ringing.

Even then, Charles' mind wasn't at ease. From what he knew, Vicky was surely going to pull some ugly trick on him again. But he decided to ignore her, at least for now.

Forgetting about the phone call, Charles decided to handle the matter in front of him. He was about to speak in order to persuade Sheryl to take some rest. But unfortunately, his phone began to ring again, vibrating in his jean's pocket.

"Answer it, perhaps it is from someone important," Sheryl said in a sarcastic tone.

Charles hesitated for a moment and then walked a few steps away before he picked up the phone to answer it.

Sheryl's heart sank as she saw Charles' reaction.

As expected, Charles was overcome with a feeling of guilt, and it was evidently shown on his face. This confirmed her suspicion that this call could only be from that woman, Vicky!

Sheryl stared at Charles' back, wishing to burn a hole in his body with her eyes.

Charles answered the phone, a

pissed," Sheryl said with a smile that reeked of hatred.

However, a layer of sadness could be noted, which she tried her best to hide.

Charles opened his mouth. At this moment, he really had an urge to explain everything to her. He couldn't bear to see her in this state. He felt responsible for the sorrow she was going through.

But to his dismay, he couldn't say a word. If he blurted it all out now, then everything he had done would be in vain.

When Charles didn't respond, Sheryl knew that her doubts had been right, and her words had hit him where it hurt. She could not help but despise his action.

Sheryl sneered. She then pushed open the door and went back inside.

Charles watched Sheryl's figure disappear behind the door. His mood couldn't get any worse. Eventually, he heaved a long sigh before he turned around and left.

In the ward, Sheryl leaned her back against the wall, tears welling up in her eyes.

'Damn, Charles! He is such an unfaithful man!'

Sheryl took solace in cursing Charles. Once she began, she couldn't stop. However, the hatred in her heart was still not lessened even a bit.

It was said that hatred only existed because of love. Now she realized that her love for Charles hadn't faded away at all. On the contrary, she was more in love with him.

But most of the time, she hid her feelings deep in her heart and did not want to show it to others. Now, in this vulnerable state, she realized the depth with which she loved him.

'Why did he do this to me? Do I have any place in his heart?' she wondered, but knew the answer would be in the negative.

There was no point in dwelling on these matters, but there was nothing she could do to stop it. Realizing how hard it was to forget him, she cursed her own stupidity. She told herself she had been an idiot to fall so deeply for him.

Her tears began to slide down her cheeks, and a bitter smile crept on her lips.

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