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   Chapter 2112 What Was She Hiding

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When Clark's teacher ushered him towards the school gate, Isla was already waiting for him.

"Aunt Isla, why are you here?" Clark's surprise was replaced with excitement as he squealed and ran towards Isla.

Clark and Shirley were always fond of Isla. It was not only because she was their mother's best friend, and they got to see each other often, but because Isla treated them as her own children. She would always spoil them by bringing them snacks and presents every time she visited them.

Isla walked up to the teacher and told her that she would be picking up the children. She held Clark's arm gently and looked at him. "Where is Shirley?"

"Shirley is sick. She's in the hospital now. Didn't mom tell you that?" Clark said innocently.

Isla was stunned. She hadn't known a thing about Shirley. She had thought that Shirley was at school. Even Sheryl hadn't said a word about her daughter.

Isla thought that something must be wrong.

Otherwise, there wasn't a reason for Sheryl to hide this from her. The more she thought about Sheryl hiding this from her, the more confused she became. It was normal for kids to catch a cold or a fever, but being hospitalized wasn't normal. She wanted to immediately run to the hospital and see if Shirley was okay.

Isla squatted down and looked into Clark's eyes. "Clark, why is Shirley staying in the hospital? How is she doing now?"

"Shirley and I went to the Dream Garden. Shirley was saying that she had a stomach ache after dinner. Dad took her to the hospital," Clark answered. "I don't know why she got sick."

Isla was shocked. "You went to the Dream Garden to have dinner last night? Was your mom okay with it?"

Clark nodded. "Yes. Grandma and dad picked us up from school yesterday. Mom agreed to us having dinner at the Dream Garden." Clark looked at her with an innocent, curious look. "Aunt Isla, what's wrong with that?"

Everything was wrong about that. It made no sense to Isla.

Isla stood up. She still hadn't gotten over the shock. She couldn't comprehend as to why Sheryl's attitude towards Charles would change all of a sudden.

Sheryl was supposed to keep the kids as far away from Charles as possible. Why on earth would she let Charles take the kids with him?

Or had something happened that she wasn't aware of?

The endless possibilities drove Isla mad. She was mad at Sheryl for letting the kids have dinner with Charles.

Charles was not only a terrible husband but also a terrible father. First, he cheated on Sheryl. And now, he couldn't even take care of his child. What could Charles possibly have given to Shirley that made her fall sick?

Isla was shaki

" Sheryl shrugged. "You know Shirley, she can't eat anything cold. After dinner, she had dessert, and she ended up having a stomach ache."

"No matter what you say, it's Charles' fault, Sheryl. He's the father of your children. Shouldn't he know about that? And look at you. You're defending him now, Sheryl? I can't believe it. I am very disappointed in you." The more Sheryl spoke, the angrier Isla became. She wanted to confront Charles and slap him in the face.

"No one would have thought that such a thing would happen, Isla. Moreover, what's done is done. Shirley is better now. We'll be more careful in the future." Sheryl touched Isla's shoulder in an effort to calm her down.

But Sheryl's words hadn't reached Isla's ears as her brain was fuming in anger. How could she stand up for Charles? That scumbag. Poor Shirley was in the hospital because of him. "So you're still going to let Charles see the kids in the future?" Isla screamed. "Haven't you had enough already? How much suffering are you going to put your kids through?"

"It's not that serious…" Isla was overreacting and exaggerating everything. Sheryl didn't know what to do to calm her friend down.

Isla got furious, seeing Sheryl defend Charles. "You have a kind heart that softens easily, Sheryl. If you had listened to me and cut your ties with Charles a long time ago, none of this would have happened."

"Isla, Charles is still the father of my children." Isla's inability to understand annoyed Sheryl.

"So what?" Isla could be extremely irrational when she was mad. She wouldn't think twice before saying a word.

"So what do you want to do?"

"What do I want to do? I want to tear him into pieces!" Isla spat.

Sheryl broke into a fit of laughter after hearing Isla's remark.

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