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   Chapter 2110 Started Dating Another Man

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 7918

Updated: 2020-01-09 19:57

Melissa felt upset to learn that Sheryl had started seeing someone.

Even more so because she heard it from her grandchild. It was Shirley who told Melissa that the new man in Sheryl's life had sent flowers to her and even invited her to have dinner with him. Hearing all this, Melissa felt heartbroken.

She gave this information the benefit of the doubt, trying to ignore it as a child's misinterpretation. However, when she saw that Sheryl was ashamed, she realized the truth behind Shirley's words.

Sheryl was indeed dating another man.

But who was the man? Was he the same person who came to the Dream Garden with Sheryl?

The more Melissa thought about it, the more disheartened she felt. She couldn't bear to see the awkward look on Sheryl's face.

Hence, she cleared her throat and changed the topic. She smiled at Shirley and said, "Shirley, I heard that your teachers were all praising you. They said that you are clever, and you are also a good girl. Can you tell me how you became such a good girl?"

Shirley was excited to hear the nice words from Melissa. Like any other child, she also liked praises. Enthusiastically, she told Melissa what happened in kindergarten. Even Melissa seemed to have become engrossed in Shirley's narration.

Shirley even forgot to ask why her mother's face had turned red. Sheryl finally felt relaxed and looked at Melissa with appreciation.

Melissa ignored her appreciation. Her mind was still occupied with several questions about that man. As long as she thought of that man, she felt anxious.

Just a few steps away, Charles stood at the door of the medical ward with a grim face.

He had heard what Shirley had said and knew that the man was none other than Damian. But he couldn't stop Sheryl or Damian, because he and Sheryl were divorced. And that was the truth that no one could deny.

Sheryl was single now. She could date anyone, including Damian. 'It is none of my business. I can't stop them, ' Charles thought in his mind.

He must attend to the present problems as soon as possible. And then he could purse Sheryl once again and win her back.

Sheryl was embarrassed when Shirley revealed her involvement with another man, and the shame in her eyes kept playing in Charles' mind. And each time, it felt like a hard blow on his chest. He heaved a sigh in his mind and then walked far aw

heart mellowed down to hear Shirley's plea. She stared at the doctor, hoping to receive a satisfying reply.

"Just relax and take it easy. Shirley's medical condition will improve, but it requires a long-term and slow recuperation. She is young now. You must pay attention to her diet from now on, or it will get worse. I hope you can understand."

"What do you mean, Doctor? Can't Shirley eat ice cream anymore?" Melissa asked the doctor once again looking surprised.

Sheryl was initially surprised to see Melissa had continued asking the doctor about eating ice cream. But then she could understand Melissa's concern. As a grandmother, she was worried that Shirley couldn't eat her favorite food in the future.

"Mrs. Lu, don't worry. When Shirley recovers, she can eat ice cream in moderation." Sheryl looked at her daughter, saying, "Shirley, do you understand? If you can stop eating ice cream now, you can eat more delicious food in the future, all right?"

"Of course. I understand." Shirley's sweet voice sounded like the jingle of bells as she innocently replied to Sheryl with a nod.

Everyone in the room laughed out loud at hearing Shirley's words.

In the villa

Vicky paced up and down in her bedroom. She bit her nails out of nervousness.

She had not gone out of that room over the past few days. Since she had failed to win Charles' heart last time, she didn't know how to make him believe in her.

She kept walking, restlessly, back and forth inside the room, wrecking her brain to figure out how to win over Charles. Then, all of a sudden…

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