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   Chapter 2108 Charles Finally Felt Pain

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Sheryl's heart ached when she heard what Shirley had said.

Those kids were so mean!

However, what really hurt Sheryl was not what those kids had done, but the influence of what they had said to Shirley and Clark.

This should have been a matter between grown-ups. The kids were unaware of how much damage their jokes inflicted on the people they teased.

"Shirley, please, come on, Honey, don't be sad. They were just joking with you and your brother. It's not true." Sheryl tried to console Shirley.

"But it's true. Daddy hasn't been with us for a long time. It's always you who pick us up from school. He hasn't done that for a while. I'm sick now. But daddy is not here with me. Mom, I'm so sad." Shirley lowered her head in sorrow. Everything she said was true.

Sheryl was upset because she didn't know how to comfort her baby.

It seemed the only option was going to the kindergarten to have a talk with the director about this situation. Her baby girl was so heartbroken by what those kids taunted her about. She had to do something to resolve it.

Seeing her mother distracted and not hearing anything comforting from her, Shirley became more anxious and afraid. She tugged at Sheryl's sleeve and said, "Mommy is daddy really determined to abandon us? Does he not love me anymore?"

Hearing this from her daughter, Sheryl almost started crying.

She pulled her little girl into her arms and said soothingly, "Don't imagine silly things, my Darling. He's your daddy, and he will always love you. He just..."

Sheryl was about to make up an excuse for her ex-husband when she suddenly heard a familiar voice. "Daddy has just been too busy, Shirley."

Sheryl knew from the voice alone who was behind her without looking back. Her body tensed up, and her heart started racing.

Shirley looked up and saw it was her dad. She said happily, her eyes squeezed with delight, "Daddy, you are finally here!"

Charles stepped towards his daughter. He reached his arms over Sheryl on purpose and held Shirley.

Observing them from the outside, it seemed that he was holding both Sheryl and his daughter.

Stuck in b

w Sheryl hesitating.

Sheryl refused immediately, of course. She would never go back to the Dream Garden. She answered back, "No need. I'll go to my house. It's not far from here."

"But you didn't drive a car. Charles can drive you to the Dream Garden. You can come back here together after lunch." Melissa continued trying to convince Sheryl to go with her son.

Melissa winked at Charles while talking, in an attempt to try and get his help to persuade Sheryl together.

Charles was caught in a dilemma. He thought Melissa was making things more complicated than they needed to be. As well, he knew Sheryl wouldn't listen to her.

"Mom, forget it. You are making Sher awkward. I'll take her home," Charles said.

Melissa nodded her head reluctantly, saying, "Alright. Take care then."

Sheryl heaved a sigh of relief. She gave Shirley some instructions before walking out of the room with Charles.

Sheryl stepped toward the entrance. Charles called to her to make her stop, "Where are you going?"

"I'm heading home," Sheryl answered him without turning around.

"My car is parked in the underground garage. Let me drive you back," Charles offered, frowning slightly.

Sheryl shook her head and said, "Don't bother. I will order a taxi online to pick me up." She then walked away without looking back.

Charles kept looking at Sheryl until she disappeared entirely. His heart was torn with pain.

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