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   Chapter 2105 The Acquiescence

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Damian caught up with Sheryl in a hurry. The woman seemed to look impatient and was off somewhere in a rush. "Sheryl! Where are you going? What's the rush? Did the call have something to do with Shirley?"

Sheryl stopped dead in her tracks at the sight of Damian. "Oh, Damian! Yes, Charles told me that Shirley just woke up and was looking for me. I need to hurry over there as soon as possible." She licked her lips and looked at him for a moment as if contemplating something. "Why don't you go back first? I'm sorry I took so much of your time, but now that Shirley's awake, I'll be able to go home very soon."

Of course, this did not sit right with Damian. There was no way he would let Sheryl stay by herself. "I'm coming with you. How can I abandon you at a time like this? It'll be too much if you handle this all by yourself."

Sheryl was a bit confused with what he said. "Why should I be handling this all by myself? Charles is also there. He's the father of my children. He won't do anything to hurt Shirley...."

Damian's face grew noticeably sullen at the mention of Charles' name, so Sheryl changed her tone to comfort him. "Please, go back. If Charles sees you, then there might be even more misunderstanding. That's not going to be good for Shirley, don't you think?"

Seeing that Sheryl was firm with her decision, Damian could only let her go. Despite that gut feeling he had that he shouldn't leave her alone, he had to concede.

"Okay, then. In that case, I'll head back first. Please do call me if anything comes up. Don't be so worried, okay? Shirley has regained consciousness, so she should be okay now. She'll recover soon. Please do take care of yourself."

Sheryl nodded appreciatively. "Yes, I know. Thank you for your help today." With that said, she then turned around and walked briskly towards the elevator.

The sight of Sheryl's retreating figure caused a tidal wave of jealousy and bitterness to surge through Damian's heart.

Damian always knew he had never gained access to her heart. There was no way Sheryl had forgotten about Charles, but he always had that tiny sliver of hope that he could at least stay quietly by her side.

The news of their divorce had made him incredibly ecstatic. It took everything in him to not

Hearing her parents get into an argument, Shirley couldn't help but intervene. "Mommy, please don't get mad. Daddy didn't do it on purpose. I'm okay now, see? It doesn't hurt a single bit!"

Sheryl opened her eyes to look down at her daughter. It hurt just how much she looked like Charles. There was a needle stuck to her arm, but Shirley still thought of her father, and she even had the strength to comfort her parents. What a wonderful kid!

Overwhelmed by emotions, Sheryl couldn't stop the tears that flowed down her beautiful face. However, she immediately blinked, and the next time she opened her eyes, there was nothing but coldness.

"You should leave. I don't want to argue with you in front of Shirley, and I don't want to see your face again!" she told Charles.

Her words shocked him. He didn't think she'd kick him out at an hour like this.

He didn't want to leave, not one bit. Charles wanted to stay here and take care of Shirley with her. Despite his recent absence, he still wanted to make sure that his child was completely okay.

"Sher, this is all my fault. I did not take good care of Shirley. It's all my fault. I swear I'll pay more attention to our kids. Just please let me stay here and look after her with you. Please."

"No way!" Sheryl replied with not a moment's hesitation.

Charles could only lower his head in sorrow.

Seeing her father like this, Shirley couldn't help but also feel bad. She wanted to say something but couldn't because her mother was so angry.

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