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   Chapter 2101 Take A Walk

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Dinner was a happy event. After dessert, the two kids played with each other much to everyone's joy.

As Melissa watched them, she exchanged glances with Charles. Sighing, she said, "Look how happy they are! Our house hasn't been this noisy in a while."

"That's true." Charles sighed, too. After that, he didn't say anything anymore.

Melissa knew that her son still had problems of his own, so she just let him be. She waved her hand to the kids and said, "Clark, Shirley, come here."

"Grandma, what's the matter?" Shirley looked adorable as she hurried to take her brother's hand. They walked toward Melissa and stood in front of her.

"Tell me. Are you happy now?" Melissa asked, lowering her head.

Shirley nodded with a grin. "I want to come here every day. I also want to come here with mom!"

"Shirley!" Clark said, his tone almost reprimanding.

But Shirley didn't understand Clark. She just thought that she was very happy today, and she wanted to share her happiness with her mother.

"Brother, what's wrong? Don't you want to come here with mom?" Shirley asked in confusion.

Clark glared at his sister but didn't say anything.

Melissa knew that Clark was more mature. She then glanced at Charles.

Charles had difficulty expressing his mixed feelings. He didn't think that Clark would be so watchful as to worry about him and Sheryl.

He knelt down and looked Clark in the eye as he said, "Clark, do you hate dad?"

Clark shook his head. He couldn't help but hold back his tears as he looked at his father.

"Clark, I love you and your mother. I won't leave you and your mother alone. But I have something urgent to deal with... So I have to leave you for the time being. Don't worry. I'll make sure that we'll all be a family again soon. Okay?" Charles said, clearing his throat. He took a deep breath after he spoke.

Clark just stared back at Charles and pressed his lips together, not saying a word.

"You're still young. Maybe you have trouble und

started to grow anxious.

Damian knew that Sheryl was very worried about her children, so he suggested, "It's still not too late. We can take a walk along the river. It's very beautiful there."

Sheryl wasn't really interested in this, but she didn't have an excuse to refuse the offer, so she just nodded.

They walked along the river. At that moment, the street lamps were turned on. There were only a few people there. They could feel the cool breeze.

Sheryl took a deep breath. She didn't feel dizzy anymore.

She crossed her arms across her chest. Damian assumed Sheryl was feeling cold, so he attempted to take off his coat.

"Don't take off your coat. I'm not cold. Really!" Sheryl said as soon as she realized what Damian was going to do.

Damian felt a bit upset at this, so he reluctantly put his coat back on again.

"Sher, have you been here before?" Damian asked.

Upon hearing this, Sheryl unconsciously smiled.

"What's up? Why are you suddenly smiling?" Damian pressed.

Sheryl seemed to be recalling something as she grinned. "I used to always take a walk here. Back then, there weren't any fences yet, and that square over there wasn't so spacious either..." Sheryl said lightly.

Damian was happy that Sheryl was telling him about this. He hadn't talked to Sheryl like this in a while.

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