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   Chapter 2100 Bitterness

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It was Joan calling her.


"Ms. Xia, I'm really sorry, but there's a family emergency back at home, and I have to be there. Is it all right if I ask for leave today?"

"What happened, Joan?" Sheryl asked in concern.

"My daughter-in-law has a fever, and my son can't come back home until tomorrow. I need to go back and help them take care of the kid," Joan explained.

Sheryl nodded in understanding. "Sure, you can leave anytime you want. Oh, I can help you get an Uber so he can pick you up at home."

Joan thanked her profusely upon hearing this, "Thank you so much, Ms. Xia. I'm sorry I didn't have time to make dinner..."

"Don't worry, Joan. It's just dinner. I can eat out. You need to pack your stuff now and go home. Your grandchild needs you."

"Thank you for understanding, Ms. Xia."

"No problem."

Sheryl hung up and then called an Uber for Joan.

Damian, who heard the whole conversation between Sheryl and Joan, found himself only falling deeper in love with Sheryl with how considerate she was to her housekeeper.

Damian saw this a great opportunity to have dinner with Sheryl as Joan wasn't going to be home. Sheryl wouldn't be able to say no to him.

After she called the Uber, Sheryl put her phone back in her purse. She lifted her head and found Damian was staring at her, so she explained to him what had happened.

Damian just smiled. The road ahead was cleared, so he started the car and offered, "Let's go eat dinner."

"You… I was thinking about going home…" Sheryl hesitated, wondering how she could decline Damian.

Damian raised his brows and asked, "Sher, is it that hard to have dinner with me? Besides, Joan is leaving. Do you really want to have dinner by yourself?"

Sheryl didn't answer, biting her lips.

Damian sighed and continued, "Why do you keep avoiding me? All I want is to have dinner with you. I won't do anything to hurt you. Why are you alienating me?"

Sheryl looked at him apologetically. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be. Now, let's go have dinner!" Damian smiled and drove off.

Charles parked the car at the doorway. Nancy came to the yard to greet them when she heard the car engine from inside

ime with his family.

However, time had changed things. The good old days were long gone.

Charles felt bitter, and he felt like his heart was empty. A part of his life was missing.

"Dad, why don't you eat anything? You don't like meat? Me neither, but Mom always tells me and Shirley to eat more meat because it's good for our health," Clark said, looking expectantly at Charles.

Shirley chimed in, "Dad, don't be picky. Mom always says a picky child isn't a good child."

Charles pursed his lips and chuckled. "Fine, I will eat it. I won't be picky. I need to be a role model for you two." Charles put the piece of meat into his mouth and swallowed it.

"Yay, Dad ate it!" Shirley exclaimed, clapping her hands.

"Shirley, you're the best. You're not picky at all. Now finish your food, okay?" Melissa said to Shirley.

"Uh-huh. I will eat as much meat. Mom always tells me to eat meat so I can be tall!" Shirley said giddily.

"Ha-ha! That's great. You'll be as tall as a giant! Once you become that tall, will you carry Grandma outside and play with me?" Melissa put some vegetables on Shirley's bowl and said, "But you can't just eat meat. You need to eat vegetables too so you can have a balanced diet."

"Mom told me that too." Shirley nodded her head and munched on her last spoonful of rice, smiling up at them. She looked cute.

Melissa and Charles shared a look and burst into laughter as happiness filled the air again.

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