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   Chapter 2099 The Power Of Blood Ties

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Sheryl smothered a retort, which was on the tip of her lips. In fact, it was a long time since the two children had seen their grandma or their father. Sheryl thought it was inhuman of her to refuse them permission to see each other, especially of the circumstances.

Sheryl looked out of the window irritably. She didn't want to do this, but she had no choice. The traffic jam would last at least another half an hour, so it was better to fulfill their wishes today. Sheryl decided to drive off to collect Clark and Shirley from the Dream Garden later today.

"Oh, I see… Okay, that is fine as long as they are at home in time," Sheryl finally gave her consent.

"Great! I'm so happy, you know. I'll let you go now, so you can get some rest. See you later," Melissa replied immediately with a bright smile.

"I'll fetch Clark and Shirley myself after dinner, Mom,"

Before Sheryl got the last word out, Melissa had hung up the receiver.

At that moment, Melissa was preoccupied with the two children. It was understandable that she answered Sheryl in a rather preoccupied manner.

The second Melissa saw Charles walking out of the kindergarten gate with his two children, she couldn't pay attention to anything else.

"Clark, Shirley!" Melissa called to them gleefully as she pushed the door open and got out the car.

"Grandma! Look, Clark! Grandma is also here!" Shirley exclaimed in excitement. She grinned from ear to ear when she saw Melissa.

Shirley's relationship with Melissa had been enriched by spending some time together recently. At that moment, she could hardly contain her excitement as she saw her Grandma Melissa again.

"Grandma, how are you?" Clark asked respectfully, of Melissa. But Clark's face remained quiet as he held Charles' hand.

"It's so nice to be together with my two grandchildren. Grandma misses you so much!" Melissa started forward to take Shirley and Clark in her arms as her eyes shone with tears.

Charles' heart was touched when he saw his mom become very emotional at that moment. In fact, when he saw his two children walk out of the classroom minutes ago, he also got very emotional.

But no one could tell. As a man, he was restrained from outwardly showing his emotions.

Shirley and Clark had done a double-take when they saw their father, unable to believe it was actually him. However, a second later, they had jumped with joy and thrown themselves into his arms. The power of blood ties was very great and could not easily be worn out by time for Clark and Shirley.

Seeing his ch

uh? I don't understand. What's going on now? Are you now saying that we don't need to collect the two children after all?"

"Exactly, Damian. Charles' mother has already taken them to Dream Garden, my ex-husband's place," Sheryl added.

"What?" Damian cried out. He found this situation to be unsettling. His reaction to the matter was so great that Sheryl became suspicious. He quickly added, "Why wasn't I told about it earlier? Did they tell you at such short notice?"

Sheryl nodded.

"Is this normal? I don't understand." Damian couldn't help adding, "You are the mother of these two children. They should have told you in advance."

"Honestly, Damian, it's nothing. Please, just drive me home. I feel exhausted now."

"When will Clark and Shirley come back home? Or should we pick them up?'' Damian asked politely.

"I'll pick them up after dinner," Sheryl replied.

"Well, if that's the case, why don't we go to dinner first? I would like to go with you to pick them up after dinner," Damian hesitantly suggested.

"That's so kind of you, but... I think I had better go home for dinner, then I'll pick them up myself," Sheryl declined Damian.

"What for Sheryl? I'd love to treat you to a good meal at a restaurant. I'm just trying to apologize to you. You know, I am so sorry for the unpleasant meeting last time," Damian said, finally finding an excuse for asking Sheryl to dinner after racking his brains.

"Really, Damian, it's okay. My domestic helper has already prepared the meal,"

Sheryl declined again. She thought it would not be appropriate for her to have a meal together with Damian at a restaurant. At that moment, Sheryl's mobile phone was ringing again.

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