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   Chapter 2098 An Incompetent Mother

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Sheryl's phone suddenly started ringing in the car.

It was the Kindergarten teacher. She knew that she was late picking up her children. And here was the teacher calling her to remind her of her own children.

"Hello, teacher. I'm coming now. I'll be at the kindergarten soon," Sheryl quickly explained at once as she picked up her phone.

Clark's kindergarten teacher replied, "All right, Ms. Xia. Clark and Shirley are playing in the drawing room. I will tell them to wait for you patiently."

"All right. Thank you, teacher. I will be at the kindergarten in 10 minutes," Sheryl replied.

After hanging up, she felt annoyed. They were caught up in heavy traffic.

If she had known beforehand of Isla's scheme, she would have gone to the kindergarten to pick up her children much earlier. Now, they were caught up in heavy traffic. Damian's car couldn't move much anymore, and she was in low spirits.

Damian looked at Sheryl's face. He could tell that she was worried about her children. He tried comforting Sheryl, saying, "Don't worry. Now that the teacher has called you, she knows that you are on your way. She will take good care of the children."

"I see," Sheryl replied moodily.

In fact, she didn't blame anyone. She was upset with herself. She felt like she was an incompetent mother. She had stayed in the hospital for a few days to recuperate. However, once she had gotten home, she still couldn't take good care of children. It was her fault, and nobody else's.

Damian realized that Sheryl was in a bad mood. He didn't know what she was thinking. All he could guess was that Sheryl was unhappy because they had seen a movie together. He didn't dare to say anything more to her.

In fact, Isla had suggested that he go to the cinema and meet Sheryl, telling him that this would make Sheryl happy. At first, he had been very excited at this prospect.

But then he had thought again that maybe Sheryl wouldn't be happy to see him, so he refused Isla gently. But he hadn't expected that Isla would call him back so suddenly. She had explained that an urgent situation that had just come up, and she hoped that he could help her by picking up Sheryl. Of course, he had promised without hesitation and had hurried to do it.

When he had arrived at the cinema

g time. He missed them very much. But he was afraid that his children would have missed him less.

"Mom, you pick them up..."

"Stop. You are here now. Don't you want to see them? If you don't hurry up, you won't be able to see them." Melissa urged him to go inside the school.

Charles had nothing left to do but nod his head in agreement. He knew that Sheryl was staying in the hospital and that Joan would come here to pick up the children. He could be reassured that he would not meet Sheryl here.

He opened the door and got out of the car. Then he walked towards the kindergarten directly. He didn't want to idle his time away.

After Charles walked away from the car, Melissa took out her phone and called Sheryl.

Sheryl was very anxious at being in this heavy traffic. She even wished she could fly now.

All of a sudden, her phone rang, knocking her back from her thoughts.

Sheryl took out her phone and saw that Melissa was calling.

"Hello, Mrs. Lu."

"Sher, I am not busy today, so I decided to come to the kindergarten to see Clark and Shirley today. Well, you can tell Joan not to pick up them. I will bring them home today. After they have dinner, I will bring them back to your apartment. Don't worry, Sher," Melissa said.

"Mrs. Lu, why do you...?" Sheryl felt surprised. Why did Melissa want to pick up the children?

"I miss my grandchildren very much. Nancy has made the dinner that they like best. So I want to pick them up and have dinner with them at Dream Garden. Do you mind?"

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