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   Chapter 2096 Is It Really So Touching

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"Okay, okay. I won't embarrass you. Don't worry."

Smiling, Sheryl hung up the phone. When she went downstairs, she saw Joan.

"Joan, I'm going to go out with Isla this afternoon. We'll be picking up the kids. So you don't have to go today."

Joan happily nodded.

"Just to remind you, Ms. Xia, you've only just recovered. Don't strain yourself too much, okay?" Joan reminded Sheryl with caring.

Sheryl understood and smiled approvingly. She then went back to her room to change her clothes. Standing in front of the mirror, she found her face looked more tired and wan than usual, so she put on some make-up to appear fresh.

Carrying her handbag, Sheryl was about to leave. Suddenly, she remembered that she had forgotten to take her phone. Finding her phone on the night table, she stood paralyzed, staring at her phone.

There, shining brightly, was a message from Charles, saying, "Why did you 'like' my post and then take back the 'like.'"

Sheryl had no idea what she should say.

Should she say that it was just a mistake? It wasn't a big deal, and her finger had just slid. It was indeed the truth, but would anyone actually believe the truth? Would Charles even believe her?

Now Sheryl resented even her own fingers. Why were they so clumsy! She gazed at the screen for a long while without doing anything else. She continued to drag on until Isla gave her a call asking her whether she was ready or not.

"Yes, I am, sorry. I'm coming down now. One second." After Sheryl ended the call, she took one last glance at the message. Finally, she decided it was best not to respond with anything. Thus, sliding her phone into her pocket, she went downstairs.

The moment she showed up at the main entrance, Isla had conveniently arrived.

"It seems that half an hour isn't enough to put on make-up!" Isla said jokingly. When Sheryl got into the car, Isla nodded and commented, "You look much better! It's a good choice that you decided to rest at home."

"I..." Sheryl appeared that she wanted to say something, and she was intensely debating whether to say something or not, but eventually, she decided against it. "Why are you in such a hurry?" Sheryl asked. "Have you already bought the tickets? By the way, which movie are we watching?"

Isla smiled at the quest

waved her hand as if she waving goodbye and left her seat.

Sheryl's attention was back onto the movie.

When the most touching scene was shown, tears welled up in Sheryl's eyes. She wanted to wipe the tears away but felt that it was better to use some tissue. When she fumbled for a tissue in her handbag, she discovered that she had forgotten to bring them.

Frustrated, Sheryl had no choice but to let the tears flow down her face. 'Anyway, no one is here, and the tears will evaporate. It's okay if I don't wipe them away, ' she thought to herself.

"Here you go." All of a sudden, she heard a familiar voice. Soon a piece of tissue was passed to her.

Shocked, Sheryl gazed at the figure. Even though it was dark, Sheryl could still identify Damian's face.

"What... what are you doing here?" Sheryl asked, startled.

Raising the tissue in his hand, he said, "I'm here to give you a tissue."

His words were so warm and tender that Sheryl forgot to respond.

When she took the tissue from the man, she blamed Isla for her absence. 'Why are you still not back, Isla? I don't want to stay alone here with Damian! It'll be so embarrassing!' she thought to herself.

"Why are you crying so much? Is it really that touching?" Damian asked.

A light bulb abruptly went on in Sheryl's mind. It was as if she had an epiphany! She immediately understood the whole situation, or one could say set-up.

'Isla, how dare you! I am so going to punish you once I see you again. Mark my words!' she roared in her heart.

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