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   Chapter 2095 Go To The Cinema

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The following day, Sheryl woke up later than usual, which was a rarity.

Sheryl was used to getting up as early as Clark and Shirley. The kids needed to get to school early, and she had wanted to make breakfast for them.

So she couldn't help but wonder why she had gotten up so late that day.

Sheryl pressed her hands against her forehead. She was feeling dizzy. The previous night, she wasn't able to sleep as she was having nightmares. While she couldn't exactly remember what her nightmare was, she remembered very well that she felt helpless in her dream. Thus, she wasn't able to sleep well.

She didn't even have time to shower anymore. She hurriedly dressed up before going to the kids' room. It turned out that the kids were already at school as she had expected. Joan had been so busy with work around the house and taking care of the kids, especially the past few days, that she decided to give Joan another raise.

Sheryl was deep in thought as she went back to her room to take a shower since she now had time. When she went downstairs, Joan was just coming in.

"Ms. Xia, good morning." Joan saw Sheryl standing in the living room as soon as she came in. She then asked, "Have you had breakfast? I can prepare your breakfast."

"Relax, Joan. Are the kids at school already?"

Joan put down her bag and said, "Yes, they're already at school. You just got out of the hospital. You should rest first. I can help with the children. Don't worry about it."

"Thank you very much!" Sheryl said sincerely.

Joan's face flushed upon hearing this. She smiled back and said, "Well, it's my job to take care of you and the children. You're the best employer I've had. Okay, I need to prepare your breakfast now. I'll call you when it's ready."

Joan hurried to the kitchen to make breakfast. As Sheryl watched her, she couldn't help but feel warm inside.

All of a sudden, Sheryl felt happy and satisfied with her life right now.

As long as she left behind the people who weren't good to her, she could actually be happy.

After Sheryl had breakfas

r a message. Suddenly, Isla called her.

"Sher, did you rest well today? Are you feeling better?" Isla asked in a sweet voice.

Pressing her lips tightly together, Sheryl didn't tell Isla that she had accidentally liked Charles' Moments. She just said, "I did some work in the balcony garden, so I was pretty tired, but I'm already well-rested."

"Of course. You need to rest and exercise. What do you have planned this afternoon? Do you want to watch a movie with me?" Isla suggested excitedly.

Sheryl grew excited as she wanted to go to the cinema too.

Since she and Charles had divorced, she hadn't seen a movie, but she recalled how much she enjoyed seeing movies.

But Isla was still supposed to be at work, so how could she see a movie with Sheryl?

"You're the boss. You need to set a good example. You're not supposed to be off work yet. How can you go to the movies with me?" Sheryl asked slyly.

Isla grinned knowingly as she responded, "I won't be so stupid as to tell them I'm going to the movies. I can just say I'm going to visit you since you just got out of the hospital, right?"

Sheryl was speechless. Whatever Isla wanted to do, she always found a way to make it happen.

"What time are you picking me up?" Sheryl knew that Isla wouldn't allow her to drive on her own.

Isla said, "You have half an hour to get ready. Remember to dress up!"

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