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   Chapter 2093 In Low Spirits

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Damian was amused by Sheryl's reaction. He coughed lightly and said, "I came here to have dinner. Have you been discharged from the hospital?"

Actually, Damian knew it. He had purposely gone to the hospital and had heard from a nurse that Sheryl had already been discharged.

Damian hadn't expected he would meet Sheryl here. So naturally, he was excited to see her.

"Yes. I left the hospital in the afternoon." Sheryl was a little embarrassed as she didn't know what to say.

She felt uneasy in front of Damian. She had been unconscious when Damian had brought her to the hotel. But it seemed that she could vaguely remember something.

As she thought of this, she felt like she didn't want to see him anymore. But it was also Damian who had helped her when she needed it.

Thus she didn't know what to do with Damian.

"Sher, I..."

"Mr. Li, have you had dinner yet? We're almost done with our dinner. You'd better order some food for yourself," Nick interrupted purposely.

He preferred Charles to Damian. In his opinion, Charles was the only man Sheryl loved.

It infuriated him to see Damian trying so hard so he could spend time with Sheryl.

Damian knew what Nick meant. Nick wanted him to leave them alone. But he continued to ask Sheryl in an expectant tone, "Can I visit you over the next few days?"

"I'm doing fine now. I'll be back to work in a few days. I'm sure you have other things you're busy with, so you can just let me be," Sheryl declined with a smile.

"Well, Sher, in fact, I have so much to share with you..."

"Sher, are you done with dinner? You still need to go change your clothes. I can drive you home," Nick interrupted before Damian could continue what he was going to say.

Sheryl heaved a huge sigh of relief.

, sincerely.

Sheryl just nodded. She didn't have feelings for Damian anyway, and it was really better if she just stayed away from him.

Soon, the car stopped at Sheryl's apartment. Nick got out and went to the trunk of the car to get Sheryl's things. Sheryl offered to help, but he refused.

"Sher, go in first. The kids are waiting for you," Nick said with a smile.

Sheryl smiled back and nodded.

The moment they walked into the dining hall, they heard the kids talking. One asked, "Is Mum back? I heard a noise coming from a car."

"That must be mum. Let's go out and find her."

Then the two kids came running out of their room excitedly.

Upon hearing this, Sheryl's eyes immediately welled up with tears. She quickly walked towards her kids with excitement.

Nick knew why Sheryl felt that way. He just kept silent as he accompanied her.


"Mum, it's you. We've been waiting for you!" Shirley jumped into Sheryl's arms upon seeing her.

Sheryl knelt down and embraced her daughter happily. At that moment, she felt as if she owned the whole world.

Seeing Shirley was in Sheryl's arms, Clark slowed down, and then he cried happily, "Mum!"

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