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   Chapter 2092 Never Give Up

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Damian sighed and decided to leave.

After walking a few more steps, Charles finally decided to stop. As the footsteps behind him went away, he also heaved a sigh. Turning around, he walked back towards the same direction he came from.

Charles came as he had wanted to see Sheryl. But in the end, he realized that he still didn't have the courage to face her. What was he supposed to tell her? And what should he do?

Sheryl had declined him last time, and she had been pretty determined. By the looks of it, it seemed like nothing could ever change her mind. He had no chance of winning her back. At this stage, he couldn't take another rejection from Sheryl. But still, Charles didn't want to give her up.

The more he thought about it, the more desperate he became. Walking out through the hospital door, he watched how people came and went. All of a sudden, he was unsure of where he should go. Without Sheryl, he felt like a lost soul, and his life was meaningless.

Meanwhile, the ward had not been too busy today.

Sheryl opened her eyes to a well-lit room and the scent of lavender. Propping herself up to sit on the bed, she positioned one of her pillows behind her. She felt energetic like she had taken a good rest. Actually, she had a dream just now, although it wasn't a good dream.

Pushing the door open, Cassie walked inside. She had a bright smile on her face, seeing that Sheryl looked great. "Sher, you are up!" Cassie started. "Did you sleep well?"

"Yes." Sheryl nodded. "Anything for me?" Sheryl asked Cassie.

"Nothing, I just come by to tell you that your discharge procedure is done, and Nick is coming to pick you up."

Sheryl smiled back and nodded at Cassie. "Thank you so much. I was thinking about calling a taxi myself."

"No need to do that. Nick will be your chauffeur now," Cassie chuckled.

"Thanks, Cassie."

Shortly after, Nick walked into the ward and straight in Sheryl's direction.

"What are you two talking about? You seem to be having a lot of fun," Nick asked curiously, hearing the two ladies chuckling when he stepped in.

Sheryl looked over Cassie's shoulder and answered, "We were just talking about you, and then you walked in."

"Talking about me? About what?"

Feeling a little embarrassed, Cassie's cheeks turned red, so she interrupted before Sheryl said another word, "Nothing. You're here early. Have you already finished work?"

"Yes, I came to the hospital as soon as I was done. So what would you like to eat tonight, ladies?" Nick asked, smiling. He was starving himself, so he was excited about taking both Cassie and Sheryl out.

Waving her hand, Cassie said, "You go with Sheryl. I am doing the night shift today, so I can't go with you. Maybe some other time." Nick made a sad face at what Cassie advised, so she elbowed him lightly to tell

a gesture to call one of the waiters' attention. Soon, a man dressed in a black vest and a white long-sleeved polo shirt approached their table. Nick figured Sheryl needed some protein since she just recovered, so he placed their order accordingly.

"One is well done, and the other is medium-rare. Also, I would like to order tomato soup, thank you." Nick then said to Sheryl, "The tomato soup here is really good. You should have a try. The soup and the steak is actually my favorite combo."

"I see. I'd love to try it." Sheryl smiled. The waiter left to get their order.

As guaranteed by Nick, the steak was indeed very delicious. Sheryl didn't have any appetite when she had stayed in the hospital. But after tasting the tomato soup, she felt like her appetite had been stimulated. After she finished the soup and the steak, she ordered some dessert.

"If I continue eating like this, I'm going to be fat," Sheryl joked as soon as the waiter left to get the dessert.

Nick burst into laughter and assured her, "You are not fat at all, Sher. Anyway, you've lost a few pounds over the past few days. You look so skinny. You should really eat more to gain back the weight you've lost."

"Really? Then I guess I should order another dessert. What do you think?"

Sheryl laughed, not noticing that a man was approaching her direction.

Soon enough, he stood next to Sheryl, his eyes looking at her gently.

Noticing the man, Nick lifted his head to check who it was. He almost dropped his fork in shock.

"Sher…" Nick was about to say something to Sheryl, but the man interrupted him.

"Sheryl, what a coincidence!" The voice sounded familiar.

Turning her head to see who it was, Sheryl was surprised to see Damian.

"Damian? What brings you here?" Still having food in her mouth, Sheryl slurred. It was quite awkward to bump into Damian under such circumstances.

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