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   Chapter 2091 Let's Wait and See

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Vicky stopped for a second. "I'm not trying to do anything. I just miss you, Charles. I miss you so much, and maybe we can have lunch together? Is that okay?"

"You want to have lunch now? It's not lunch time yet," Charles replied quickly. He tried to keep his tone indifferent. Deep down, he was so disgusted by this woman.

"I know. I can wait until you get off work." She paused, her eyes widened as she remembered the cake she brought. "Please have a taste of this cake. I've heard only great things about its taste."

"I'm fine, Vicky. Save it for yourself." Vicky began to untangle the ribbon on the box when Charles covered her hand to stop her.

She gasped, surprised by his touch. "Charles!'re allowing yourself to touch me now?" Oblivious of Charles' real opinion about her, Vicky was overjoyed by Charles' touch. She continued to hold his hand, feeling the warmth of it as she glided the pad of her thumb on the soft skin at the back of his hand. "Do you know how much I want to be with you? You've grown more distant from me, and I have no idea how to get through to you."

Vicky's words made the hair on Charles' arm stand on end. There was something wrong with this woman. Did she take the wrong pill today? Or was it just her crazy showing?

"I still have a lot of things to attend to today. If that is all, please close the door when you leave." Charles drew his hand back and turned his attention to the paperwork in front of him. Vicky had overstayed her welcome.

As much as Vicky didn't want to leave, Charles had already shown her the door. But before she left, she had to make a last-ditch effort. "How about if you come for dinner tonight? It's fine if you don't want to have lunch with me. But maybe we could have dinner together. If you don't come, I'll... I'll lose what little appetite I have. I'll be upset if I don't see you tonight."

Charles frowned at Vicky's attempt to manipulate him. He had no idea what she was up to, but her persistence was starting to become suspicious.

"Fine. I'll come by for dinner," Charles answered.

Vicky lit up at Charles' assent. "That's great! I'm going to cook some dishes that you like. I'll make sure you'll enjoy everything."

"Fine. If that's all, I have work to do."

"Okay, I can take a hint. By the way, you should at least try the cake I brought you." Vicky tried to encourage Charles one last time before she left his office reluctantly.

Charles' mood just got worse as he looked at the cake.

Soon after Vicky left his office, someone else entered.

"Charles, you need me?" David asked. He knew things were bound to get bad after Vicky's visit. Charles' mood always took a turn for the worse, and he had to bear the brunt of it.

Earlier, he felt relieved that Vicky's visit was shorter than usual. And yet, Charles sti

to Sheryl?"

"Why can't I be around Sheryl? I have done nothing to hurt her. Stop confusing me with you. You're the one who is constantly hurting her. You made her leave you with a broken heart, remember?" Damian replied, equally as dark.

Charles smirked. "How would you know? How dare you speak nonsense here?"

"I know you're the one who made Sheryl sad and desperate. Not me. That's all I need to know, and I don't care about the rest," Damian said, trying to provoke Charles on purpose.

Charles stared at Damian while nodding. "So, are you saying that Sheryl has forgiven you now?"

"Not yet. But at least she's willing to listen to me. Give it some time, and I believe that we can take our relationship to another level," Damian said with much determination in his voice.

Charles also gave a cold smile. "Love is different from forgiveness. Many people spend so much time together, but they do not fall in love. My advice? Just give it up. Sheryl is not going to fall in love with you."

"Who are you to say that?" Damian grew irritated. He knew Charles was right. Sheryl was not in love with him now. Not now, not ever again.

But none of that mattered. As long as he kept loving Sheryl, and he stuck it out, Sheryl would be touched by his determination and fall in love with him someday. Eventually.

Charles smirked. "Let's wait and see then." With that said, he turned away from Damian and walked towards Sheryl's ward.

Damian thought about it for a second. He wanted to follow Charles and see if Sheryl would be willing to see him. He had to know if Sheryl still had feelings for Charles.

However, he did not dare to do it. On his visit today, there were several things he found he wasn't ready for. Maybe that made him a coward. But he feared if he saw something, anything, between Charles and Sheryl, he might not be able to survive the heartbreak.

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