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   Chapter 2089 Nightmare.

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Ferry remained lost in his thoughts as Rob continued updating him. "Moreover, Charles announced it in public to protect Sheryl. He made his best efforts to clarify the rumors about Sheryl dating her lover."

Ferry remained silent. His mind was occupied with some other thoughts at the moment.

Vicky had been staying with Charles for a long time. It was time to order her to do something now.

"Rob," Ferry said.

"Boss, I am here." Rob hurried to look at him.

Ferry let a sly smile take over his face, saying, "Did that woman do anything strange in recent days?"

"Nothing at all. She only stays at home. She does nothing but pester Charles," Rob honestly updated Ferry on the situation just as it was.

Ferry nodded, saying in a cold tone, "Tell her. She needs to do something to return our kindness."

Rob instantly knew what Ferry meant. Even he had grown impatient at putting up with the lull that had been persisting for quite some time now. He wanted to execute their plan of action much earlier than before.

"Boss, don't worry. I have come up with a perfect idea to punish Charles."

"Alright. I have full faith in you. Don't let me down." Ferry looked at Rob approvingly.

Ferry's words made Rob feel grateful. Wounded and behind bars, seeing his boss's situation made his heart heavy, and he could not hold back his tears.

"Boss, if I had not gone out to do those tasks and stayed with you on that day, you would not..." Rob choked before he could complete his words.

Ferry forced a cold smile, saying, "Don't say that again. I will make them pay for this."

"Boss, don't worry. I won't let them go easily. You... You also need to take care of yourself. I will take you out of here one day..."

"Take me out?" All of a sudden, Ferry let out a crooked and sarcastic smile and said, "In fact, I don't want to get out of prison. I want to stay here and punish myself. After all, I couldn't save my beloved at that time."

Rob felt heartbroken to see that Ferry had given up. He swore, "Boss, I promise to you. I will ask for a heavy repayment for what they have done to you. I will make them die like dogs."

"Alright. I will wait for the good news from you." Ferry nodded with a smile.

After making the promise, Rob walked out of the prison. The first thing he did as soon as he stepped out of the prison was to call Vicky.

In the villa

Vicky was lying peacefully on the bed overlooking the balcony after having a relaxing manicure. The view through the balcony was beautiful.

The moment she heard the phone ring, she sprang up enthusiastically, thinking that the call must be from Charles. She almost ran on her toes to receive the call and hear Charles' voice, but her face changed as soon as she saw the number of the incoming call.

To her dismay, it was Rob's number. She felt as if her heart stopped beating for a while. She remembered how evil he

he slowly faded out of her sight, he looked so strange from behind that Vicky could no longer identify him as Bernard.


Vicky shouted out loudly. She woke up suddenly to find herself sweating profusely.

Vicky looked around to see where she was. She felt like she was in a suspended lull as if she had lost her memory.

A few minutes later, as Vicky gathered her senses, she found that she was still in the villa. The splendor of the villa stared back at her as if to mock at her. Unfortunately, it was not her home. And she knew it in her heart that she didn't belong at this house.

Bernard's cold glares at her in her dreams flashed back into her mind, and her eyes welled up once again. Her heart wrenched at the very remembrance of Bernard's eyes. But that did not make her hate Bernard. She only felt sad and guilty.

If she hadn't let Bernard go to take revenge on his own, Bernard would not have died. And if she didn't fight against Charles–

A cold smile played on Vicky's lips.

Vicky could do nothing to change the past. She wouldn't feel relieved.

All she could do at the moment was to make sure that she wouldn't let this happen to her again.

Therefore, she needed to be brave and try her best to execute her revenge plan.

Thinking that Vicky made her mind resolute not to fall weak ever again. She got up slowly and went to the bathroom. She wanted to see Charles now.

One hour later, Vicky came down the stairs all dressed up.

Stella was in the kitchen at that time. As she heard her step, she walked out of the kitchen and saw that Vicky was going to go out with a small bag.

"Vicky, are you going out?" Stella asked.

Vicky stared at her and shouted rudely, "Humph. Do I need to report to you about where I go?"

Stella didn't feel angry and didn't care about Vicky's attitude. She asked dutifully, "Even if you don't want to tell me, do I need to call a driver for you?"

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