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   Chapter 2088 Making Progress

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Parking his car on the side of the road, Charles sat inside and watched the building from afar. He didn't want to get out nor go upstairs to see Sheryl.

He waited as time dragged on, his eyes rarely checking his watch while drowning himself on the smoke from his cigarette. At last, he sighed after finishing another stick. The sun had almost set, and the street lights had already switched on. Finally, Charles started the engine and decided to drive away.

It was already dark when he reached the Dream Garden. Entering the house, the aroma of something flavorsome greeted him immediately, making him aware that Nancy was making dinner in the kitchen. At the same time, he saw Melissa making her way down the stairs.

Upon seeing Charles, Melissa couldn't hide her happiness.

"Charles, you're finally back." Smiling from ear to ear, Melissa hurried to walk towards her son. Obviously, she was more than happy to see him.

Charles nodded. Seeing that her mother was in a good mood, he felt more relaxed.

"Mom, didn't you go out?" Charles asked, noticing that Melissa was still in her pajamas.

Shaking her head, Melissa took Charles' hand and led him to the living room sofa. Shortly after they sat down, Melissa started with a wide grin and said, "Charles, what you did today is excellent!"

"What do you mean, mom?" Charles felt a little confused about her comment.

"Charles, I saw your press conference on TV. Upon hearing what you said, I was deeply moved. I'm pretty sure that Sher is too. Sooner or later, I'm sure she will forgive you." Melissa couldn't hide the excitement in her voice. No doubt, she hoped that one day, Charles and Sheryl would be married once again.

Realizing what Melissa meant, Charles couldn't help forcing a bitter smile before replying, "Mom, that is impossible."

"What? What do you mean impossible?" Melissa asked with an unsatisfied look. "I know better than you do how women think. The way you spoke for and defended Sher in public, she has definitely been moved by your actions. Soon enough, she will find it in her heart to forgive you."

Hearing how Melissa explained things just now, Charles felt a little surprised and shocked.

'Really? Will Sheryl really be moved by that? Will she forgive me soon?

Sheryl is so proud. I have made so many mistakes. How could she forgive me easily?'

Dwelling on those thoughts, Charles didn't

e many wounds on Ferry's face, but they were not deep. Rob was aware that someone had hurt Ferry recently in prison, but he didn't know as to what extent.

"Boss, you..." Rob stopped himself mid-sentence. As much as he wanted to ask Ferry about his wounds, he didn't dare to ask anymore. He knew how Charles' men punished him in prison. Asking for more details wouldn't solve it.

It would just make Ferry feel sad and ashamed.

Ferry waved his hand, acknowledging Rob's question. Ferry looked calm, Rob noticed. Even with all the hardship in prison, it seemed that he didn't want to have these difficulties make him look miserable.

Rob lowered his head and remained silent. He tried hard to avoid Ferry's eyes. He couldn't bear to look at Ferry, who was still acting proud.

All of a sudden, Ferry asked, "Has there been any progress?"

Rob hurriedly replied, "Charles held a press conference to announce that he and Sheryl had divorced."

"He even did that?" Not expecting that Charles would do that for Sheryl, Ferry's expression changed. He knew how hard Sheryl tried to get rid of Charles.

Being the president of the Shining Company, Charles represented the image of their company. Both the public and the shareholders were focused on his privacy at all times.

The secret divorce between Charles and Sheryl was big news, but Charles had been able to hide it. Now, he made a public announcement about it. No matter what the public would say, the old shareholders of the company wouldn't let him go easily.

'Charles, you will pay the price, ' Ferry thought, smiling coldly.

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