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   Chapter 2087 Protect Her Good Name

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"That's possible. They haven't seen me in a while. They probably miss me now." A light smile appeared on Sheryl's face.

Cassie smiled back. "Sher, Nick and I saw the live show on TV. We really think Charles still cares about you. You'll definitely see him again soon!"

However, Sheryl only appeared sadder despite Cassie's words of encouragement. She really had a hard time dealing with anything to do with Charles as she still couldn't understand her feelings about him.

Cassie could tell that something was off with Sheryl too, but she just thought that Sheryl was probably thinking about Charles and was ashamed that she was.

"Sher, this is just my opinion, but if I may?" Cassie packed up her tools as she was already done with Sheryl's check-up, then she continued, "I really think Charles still has feelings for you, because if not then he wouldn't have..."

"Cassie, please stop," Sheryl cut Cassie off. She then said, "Just let it be. By the way, I think I've already recovered, don't you think so? Do you think I can be discharged now, given my current condition?"

Cassie merely nodded as she could tell that Sheryl didn't really feel like talking about it. She said, "Yes, you look great, but to be sure, I have to check with Scott again. If everything's fine, you should be able to leave tomorrow."

"That sounds great. I'm dying of boredom here. I have nothing to do!" Sheryl smiled bitterly. Being bedridden for such a long time was more than she could take.

"Hey, Sher, I didn't think you of all people could get bored!" Cassie joked as she wanted to tease Sheryl.

Sheryl pretended to be mad at Cassie as she glared at her, "Hey, young lady! You have Nick with you whenever you go out. You can go shopping and watch movies all day long while I'm stuck here all day long! I've got nothing to do here. Of course, I'm going to get bored!"

Cassie blushed. "Sher! How dare you make fun of me! I won't talk to you anymore!"

She quickly cleaned up and ran out of the ward, with Sheryl laughing heartily behind her. Even in the corridor, Sheryl's laughter could be heard.

Meanwhile, in the Dream Garden, it was a quiet day.

Melissa was excitedly staring at her TV. Her eyes were fixed on the screen as if her life depended on it.

Nancy had fetched a bowl of soup from the kitchen, and she was ju

ave David an affirmative smile before he left the company.

A couple of clerks nearby had heard what Charles had said. They, too, were shocked.

"Oh, my God! I think Charles just smiled at me! He actually smiled!" a woman said as she blushed. She couldn't help but be smitten.

"Yes! I saw it too, and he let us get off work early! Who is this person? Is this really Charles? This isn't like him! Maybe he has a twin!" The other girl was even more swooped away by Charles' generosity, and her eyes were flashing with admiration and affection.

David shook his head in disapproval. As a matter of fact, he, too, was equally shocked by the sudden change of pace from Charles. He quickly put together that this sudden change must have something to do with the press conference Charles had held earlier that day.

David couldn't understand why Charles would do that. Charles practically gave up Sheryl.

Everyone's been gossiping about Damian and Sheryl. Now that Charles had publicly announced that he and Sheryl are divorced, that was only going to fuel the speculations surrounding Sheryl and Damian.

This was all completely acceptable as Sheryl had every right to date whomever she pleased, especially since she was no longer married. Charles had no say in her personal life anymore.

David couldn't help but think that Charles had gone crazy. How could he do that?

Naturally, David didn't say anything about his concerns to Charles as he knew it wasn't his place. At this moment, Charles was on his way to the Cloud Advertising Company.

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