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   Chapter 2084 Getting Out Of Trouble

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It was silent in the ward except for the TV that Sheryl watched without looking away.

The TV was flashing the live broadcast of the press conference for the Shining Company. An inscrutable Charles stood in front of reporters.

"Next, there's an important announcement." After looking around the room to make sure all eyes were on him, Charles said, "Sheryl and I are already divorced."

The room burst into a flurry of activity because they couldn't believe their ears, and they were so excited that they couldn't stop discussing it with each other.

"They're divorced?"

"Really? Is that true? How is that possible?"

Sheryl looked serious. She didn't expect that Charles would announce it in public.

Before the announcement, only their close friends and family had known that they had divorced. It was a complicated matter that they couldn't announce to the public. More importantly, it would make their children sad.

There was also the fact that the public would discuss it, and that shareholders would suspect Charles' ability to manage the company. The situation would be harmful to Charles' company and reputation.

But Charles had announced now that they had already divorced, so what did he want to do?

It made Sheryl sad to think that now they would only be strangers to each other, even if she didn't understand why that would make her unhappy.

"It's up to you to believe it, but we've already divorced. We didn't announce it to the public. It was our decision for our privacy. We didn't need to announce it in public. But some reporters invaded Sheryl's privacy. It's very annoying!"

That made everyone silent because it was obvious that Charles was furious.

They all knew that Charles was going to seek revenge.

"Sheryl can fall in love with anyone. Don't

a beauty."

"I've got something important to do. Bye!" He wasn't in the mood for jokes, so Damian hung up.

It didn't anger Duke, and he just continued to make a plan.

After he switched off his computer, Damian immediately left the hotel.

In the ward, Sheryl understood what Charles meant.

It made her feel empty inside, and she didn't understand how she felt, nor how she could face Charles in the future.

She didn't expect that Charles would help her, nor that he would make such a big sacrifice. What was even more unexpected was the guilt she felt at the help.

It took everything she had to try to stop her tears, but she failed. She couldn't help but cry. It was then that someone yelled outside her ward.

She hurriedly tried to wipe her tears as Isla rushed into her ward.

"Sher! Sher!" Isla voice echoed as she rushed to Sheryl.

It frightened Sheryl to see Isla run so quickly and made her ask, "Who's chasing you? What happened?"

"Sher, turn on the TV." Isla didn't even finish her words when she saw Charles on the TV.

"Oh, you're watching TV now." Isla was panting and said quickly, "I saw it too, so I hurried to tell you. I even wore the wrong shoes..."

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