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   Chapter 2083 Press Conference

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In the ward

The sun was out, and its rays were peering into the windows. As the trees rustled outside, Sheryl couldn't help but step out of her ward. It was a lovely day to walk, and she'd be damned if she wouldn't do it. She walked to the backyard garden of the hospital.

Even though the backyard wasn't a long way ahead, Sheryl was already panting when she got there, sweat beading down her skin. She was still recovering from previous incidents.

She wandered around the gardens aimlessly, admiring the fresh scent of flowers and pine that grew around her. It must've been days since she'd last gone outside. She mused to herself, as she giddily continued. Everything was peaceful, at least till Sheryl turned to the right. Immediately, her face flushed dark red.

A young couple was in a very intimate position, exchanging proclamations of love. The man was whispering into the girl's ear, his hand caressing her arm.

Sheryl turned away, averting her gaze to something else. However, when she was ready to walk away from that couple, she found that a screaming match broke out between them.

Sheryl blinked in shock, finding that she couldn't move from where she was standing.

"So you lied? You're going on a business trip again? How long will that be? Do you even still want to be together?" The girl wrenched herself from his grip, her voice already wobbling.

"Dear, please, it's a business trip. I love you, and I do want to stay with you, okay? Don't worry too much," the man pleaded.

"Worry too much? Do you think I worry too much? You haven't come to visit me for so long–and you come here for a few minutes to tell me you're leaving again? You're cheating on me, aren't you? Who is she?" she shrieked, bringing her sleeve to her face. The girl broke into sobs, backing away from the guy.

It was supposed to be private; however, Sheryl just couldn't make herself move away. It was as if she was in a trance. This scene was just so familiar–it reminded her of her and Charles.

She tried to recall their arguments, but her memory came out in blanks.

"What are you talking about? I love you, only you, not anyone else. Don't doubt that," he pledged, moving closer to her as he extended his arms.

Hearing that, the girl hesitated for a few seconds before falling back into the man's arms. "Why do you always make me angry," she murmured in his chest, giving a watery smile. "I swear I won't talk to you anymore."

However, they all knew she still would love him, and he would still love her. The couple hugged eac

ant to admit such an atrocity.

"I can answer for you," Charles sneered. "You all came here to get some firsthand news, am I right? Usually, you ask questions regarding personal life and my business and try to find the simplest problem and take it up a few more levels. You've all done it," he said coldly. "Some of you made mistakes. You might as well be honest about it."

The crowd went into an uproar as some flushed reporters shouted their proclaimed righteousness.

"Made mistakes? What kind of mistakes? Is he insane?" Completely at loss, the reporters turned to their peers and colleagues in disbelief at the accusation.

'Does he want to get even with us this time?' the others wondered. They knew very well what Charles meant and what incident he was referring to–it was the one that had happened a few days ago with Sheryl.

'I said that this invitation wasn't something good. I was right!' some of them thought with regret. Trapped in an awkward situation, others started to look around for an exit. However, they slumped back in their seats when they realized that all the openings were heavily guarded by Charles' men.

Without Charles' permission, they wouldn't be able to leave.

"I'm a man of principle, and I think we can work together to solve this problem. Some of you here have written and posted inaccurate information that could cause harm to both me and Ms. Xia. I hope that those reporters would stand up and admit their mistakes, and then I'll let you all go," Charles said slowly, glancing over those people.

There was a dead silence.

Everyone looked at each other with fear in their eyes. Nobody knew, but themselves, and it was time to face the music.

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