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   Chapter 2081 Phoebe Was Shocked

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Damian had never given up courting Sheryl. Now that she was regaining her health at the hospital, and Damian had just come back from overseas, who did he have meals with here then?

Phoebe was very curious. Her probing eyes made Damian feel somewhat uncomfortable, and he felt sheepishly awkward.

"Alright, Miss He, enjoy the meals with your friend. I should be going." Damian politely excused himself before spinning around and leaving.

Phoebe was slightly taken aback but didn't stop him. Instead, she just became more curious. Something was gnawing inside of her that she couldn't figure out as she trained her gaze in the direction Damian left.

She started to think about whether she should look into it for the sake of Miss Xia. There was a nagging feeling within her, and she felt something was amiss. Having this thought on her mind, Phoebe glided towards another direction.

Moments later, Damian appeared from the restroom. He briefly glanced where Phoebe had stood before to see whether she was still there or not. A sudden relief washed over him as he found she was no longer around.

It didn't mean that he was afraid of Phoebe. He merely didn't want many people to know of his relationship with Duke, especially Sheryl's close acquaintances.

And by all means, Damian would never let Sheryl know about his relationship with Duke. Otherwise, all the efforts he had made would be in vain. He knew by heart Sheryl had her principles and wouldn't accept his assistance.

Damian looked around carefully again and didn't see Phoebe, so he scurried to his seat.

"What took you so long? Had trouble with the bowel movement?" Duke chuckled as he teased Damian, seeing him coming over.

"Bullshit. Why are you always being so mean?" Damian retorted in a harsh tone.

Duke let out a big smile. He was not offended at all.

"Are you done with ordering meals?" Damian asked.

"Yes. I bet you will be surprised," Duke countered with a smile.

Seeing that knowing smile, Damian had a hunch that Duke would play a trick on him. But he ch

em and tell your mother, how do you think she will react?"

"Damian!" Duke immediately stood up and blurted out, "I've done so many sacrificial things for you, and even neglected having meals on time. And that's how you thank me? By causing me troubles, which bring you no benefit?"

"Relax. I won't do anything that hurts you and will bring me no benefit."

"That's good." Duke heaved a sigh of relief.

"I only do things that cause troubles for others and bring benefits for me." Damian sauntered towards the exit after declaring that.

"Damian!" Duke could only shout angrily at Damian's retreating figure.

Duke seemed annoyed and upset. Feeling Duke's anger, Damian hurried away. Duke followed after him at once.

Unbeknownst to them, two persons had appeared not long after they left.

In great shock, Phoebe focused her gaze in the direction Duke and Damian had left with her mouth open.

Josef silently watched Phoebe then followed her line of sight towards the exit, asking, "Who are they? What's the matter?"

Phoebe finally snapped out of her daze, though still in shock. She was stunned that Duke and Damian were friends.

As far as she could remember, Duke had come to the Cloud Advertising Company before to discuss some matters about collaboration with Sheryl. Phoebe had been the one to receive him, so she had a deep impression of him.

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