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   Chapter 2079 Sheryl's Cute And Thoughtful Kids

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"Okay, I've got it! Just wait for me!" Duke knew Damian was reluctant to talk more, so he didn't press for more answers.

Hanging up the phone, Damian made a few arrangements before heading back to Sheryl's ward.

As soon as Damian was gone, Sheryl slowly opened her eyes. She bit her lips and regretted that she didn't even express her gratitude while Damian was there. He had done a lot for her, yet she had pretended to be asleep in his presence. It wasn't because she didn't like him, but because she wasn't ready to confront and explain things to Damian.

While Sheryl was lost in her reverie, someone suddenly knocked on the door.

"Come in!"

Sheryl said at once, snapping herself out of her thoughts. Melissa and Nancy both came in as the door opened. Sheryl quickly discarded these negative thoughts and flashed them a happy smile.

"I am so happy that you two have come here to see me!"

"We were so worried about you, Sher. Are you okay now?" Melissa put on a concerned look as she walked toward Sheryl.

Nancy took out the fruit she had brought from Dream Garden and silently started to peel an apple for Sheryl.

"Sher, you look much better today! I hope you are feeling better too. What did the doctor say? Is there an improvement in your health?" Melissa wanted to ask a lot of questions, but she tried to remain calm. Before she had set out for the hospital, Charles had warned her to not bombard Sheryl with too many questions. Hence, Melissa was racking her head to find a light topic to discuss.

"Well, the doctor told me to not worry too much. I will recover soon. So don't worry about me!" Seeing the concern appearing on Melissa's wrinkly face, Sheryl felt a little guilty.

"How can I not be worried? You are my daughter-in-law! I wish to see you recover as soon as possible!" Melissa insisted as she kept her gaze on Sheryl. She was trying to make sure that Sheryl was really in good condition.

Nancy handed the apple to Sheryl and then joined their conversation. Soon the atmosphere in the ward was filled with warmth and laughter.

Being aware that Sheryl was in need of rest, Nancy reminded Melissa to bring their chat to an end. And then they both bid their farewell. Melissa was very reluctant to leave the ward, and Nancy had a tough time taking her out. As soon as these two left, Sheryl made a call to Joan. She missed Shirley and Clark dearly.

"Mrs. Xia, are you okay staying there all alone? If you need me, just ask. I will be more than happy to look after you!" Joan got a general brief of Sheryl's status. Even though Sheryl was trying to convince her that her recovery was going well, Joan couldn't dispel the concern in her heart.

Sheryl smiled and replied, "No, Joan. Thanks very much, but I really am fine. And what makes you think I am alone? I have Isla by my side! She takes good care of me. I only hope you can help me look after my kids. How are they doing? I had called to ask about them. Do they miss their mother?"

Her kids were the ones that worried her the most. She sincerely hoped that Shirley and Clark knew nothing about her condition. She had asked Joan to make up a story and hide the truth from them. However, the Internet was a powerful tool. Besides, she knew the news might

ey walked out of the ward. She said with a frown, "Do you think Sheryl is really as happy as she looked? I have a gut feeling that she was only pretending to be happy. She must be carrying some burden in her heart."

Cassie had spoken her mind to Nick, trying to confirm her suspicion.

"Maybe, but we can't be too sure that she was pretending. Maybe she feels hurt deep inside, and that's okay. But how can I make it any better? It is a complete mess. The issue between her and Charles has made her suffer a lot. And then Damian and if to make things worse, there is Charles and Vicky...I don't know how to put the whole matter into perspective. I can only say she has been through a lot. But from what I know, Sheryl isn't weak. She will become better. Sooner or later, her heart will heal completely," Nick said, trying to ease Cassie's worry.

Hearing what Nick had just said, Cassie slightly nodded her head in agreement. But she bit her lips hard and said, "You are right. You have a good point. But...I still feel..."

"Well, come on, Cassie! You should rest assured. Sheryl has her own struggles, which she wants to deal with. Life isn't easy, and she is doing her best to cope. We know she is strong–not someone who will be easily broken when faced with difficulties. We should have faith in her!" Nick consoled Cassie, intending to dispel the concern in her mind. He did not want her to overthink this matter since it would do her no good.

"I want to believe that. But what if she can't cope well with it? Even the strongest human will fall when life throws them such adversity. Aren't you worried?"

"Oh, stop it!" Nick gently knocked on Cassie's head and said, "I am not worried at all. Sheryl would never give up. Back in the ward, she seemed quite recovered to me. I am going to believe what I saw rather than make assumptions."

"Hope you are right! I really want to believe you!" With some effort, Cassie managed to smile. "Okay, I am heading to my workplace now. You should get back to work too. Call me if you have anything to tell me!" she said.

Before leaving, she once again turned around and waved goodbye to her boyfriend.

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