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   Chapter 2078 Tried And Failed

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"Mr. Li, don't you know that the news about you and Sheryl has gone viral? Even if I want to help you by retracting the news about the two of you, I cannot put an end to the circulation of the news. Kindly understand that I have no say in this matter. I'm sorry," the editor said, as politely, as he could.

Damian wasn't ready to give up yet. He pushed the request further and tried everything in his power to persuade the editor. But nothing could make the editor come to terms with Damian.

"My apologies, Mr. Li, I have an important meeting that I've got to attend. If you'll excuse me, we can talk about it some other time." He hung up on Damian before he could say another word.

Clutching his phone, Damian let out a sigh, feeling powerless. He tried contacting a couple of other editors, but every single one of them had turned him down, with reasons of their own. The phone calls hadn't helped Damian in any way. They made the story more interesting and sensational instead.

The phone calls had sown the seeds of suspicion in Damian's mind. In the end, he was sure that someone had been plotting against him. Otherwise, at least one editor would've heeded to his request. Whoever it was, had been playing a different game. They had anticipated that Damian would reach out to the editors and had gotten to them before Damian could.

Damian's mind was thrumming in confusion. He was vulnerable and had no idea what to do next. His thoughts were interrupted by the blaring sound of his phone. The call was from an unknown number. Damian stared at his phone for a while before picking up the call.


"Hello, Mr. Li. Would it be possible for us to meet in person? I have an important matter to discuss with you," a man's voice vibrated over the phone.

Damian frowned. "Who the hell are you? What do you want from me?"

Damian couldn't think of anyone who would want to meet him. He was new to the city and didn't have many friends here.

"That doesn't matter. You'll find out who I am when we meet."

"Why the hell do you think that I'd be interested in meeting you?" Damian hoped to find out the man's identity and the reason why he'd called him.

"I have an important piece of information about Sheryl. Don't you want to know about it?" The man was luring Damian into his trap with little crumbs of information that caught his interest.

'Something about Sheryl? Was the man involved in the incidents that connected him and Sheryl?'

Damian thought, as his frown deepened. Although he was skeptical about the meeting, Damian agreed to meet him. The caller had information about Sheryl, and he wouldn't miss that–he wanted to know what it was.

t past the staff without getting noticed, and he sneaked all the way to Sheryl's ward.

He was extremely cautious. He didn't want to be caught before meeting Sheryl. He checked the corridor, and once he was sure that nobody was there, he decided to walk inside.

Damian opened the door quietly and tiptoed into the ward. Sheryl was sleeping, and her beautiful face looked peaceful.

He sat next to her bed. Damian had been determined to confess his feelings for her when he had walked into the hospital. But all the words were buried in the pit of his stomach when he saw Sheryl's face.

He sat there staring at her. His breath caught in his throat when he saw Sheryl stir on the bed. Immediately, he stood up; he didn't want to seem like a creepy stalker if Sheryl woke up and saw him sitting on her bed. Fortunately, Sheryl was still sleeping, and Damian let out a sigh of relief.

He felt that he would have to find the right time and confess his feelings for her. If he didn't tell her soon, everything would fall apart.

Damian immediately felt stupid for picking a bad location for a special moment like this. He shook his head and walked out.

He picked up his phone and called Duke.

"Hey, man! Where are you?" Duke asked nervously.

"I'm near the hospital. Look, I need a favor. I want you to check out someone called Rob," Damian said hurriedly.

"Rob? Who the hell is he?" Duke found it weird to hear such a request from Damian

"Just help me find out more information about him. I'll send you a picture of him. Meanwhile, do everything in your power to minimize the damage to my reputation due to the online coverage." Damian had tried hard to minimize the damage by trying his best to stop the circulation of the story. But his efforts had gone in vain.

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