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   Chapter 2076 A Person Sheryl Didn't Want To See

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Sheryl hadn't been able to contact him since the incident, not really knowing if he had wanted her to call him or if he didn't.

Charles was at the hospital now. He looked at the darkening sky before asking David to drive him home.

When Charles had finally arrived at Dream Garden, he saw that Melissa was standing in the yard. His mother had her arms crossed, waiting for him to get out of the car.

"Mom, what are you doing here?" Charles asked. The worry in his voice was concealed as he tried to plaster a small smile on his face. If his mother knew what had happened during the day...He silenced his thoughts. It would just worry her.

"I was waiting for you. Did you go to the hospital? How's Sher doing?" Melissa hadn't seen Sheryl since she'd been chased away by Isla. And she could tell from the news headlines that Sheryl's past few days had been very hectic. She couldn't help but fret over her daughter-in-law.

"Didn't you and Nancy go to the hospital? You didn't see her?" Charles furrowed his eyebrows, remembering how his mother had updated him of where she would be going.

"Isla didn't let us in, so I didn't get to. You've seen her, haven't you?" Melissa asked, rubbing her manicured hands together anxiously.

Charles hadn't seen Sheryl either. All he did was check the surroundings and check in with the guards to make sure the incident wouldn't happen again. However, his mother didn't need to know that. He gave a reassuring smile, assisting his mother back to the house. "Don't worry. Sher is fine."

"Are you sure? I've seen the news. They were saying horrible things."

Melissa cringed as she remembered them. If she had reacted like this, then how would Sheryl have reacted if she'd seen them herself?

"I have everything under control. Sher will have no knowledge of the news; she'll leave the hospital as if nothing had happened." Charles comforted Melissa. He had already arranged things with David and his men. The news would be gone in a few hours.

Seeing the confident look on his face, Melissa quieted down.

"Okay, then. I'll go upstairs to rest, and you should too! You've been getting thinner these days. Have you gotten enough sleep?" Though she knew Charles could take care of himself, Melissa couldn't help but worry about him. Work had been exhausting enough, and with everything happening with Sheryl, she thoug

Phoebe might have forgotten the fact that Sheryl was the one in charge of these contracts, so Isla couldn't understand what was happening with them.

"Miss Zhao, please. I can't do everything on my own," Phoebe pleaded.

And that was the reason Isla had to stalk her way back to the hospital to get some signatures straight, knowing well that Phoebe's signature wouldn't render them valid.

Seeing that Isla was in a hurry, Sheryl grabbed the papers that were placed at the edge of her bed. She started to look at them, spending the whole morning reading and analyzing every paragraph before signing the contracts.

After Sheryl had finished, Isla sighed in relief. "What would I do without you?"

Isla snorted. "Cut it out. As director of this company, shouldn't you at least be aware of what's happening around here?" Sheryl rolled her eyes.

"You know I can't do all of this by myself, Sher," Isla said, shaking her arm.

Sheryl rolled her eyes, surrendering in the end.

"Fine, fine. I'll stop. Now, can you buy me some breakfast, Miss Zhao? I haven't eaten anything since I woke up in the morning." Sheryl nudged her friend, pouting.

"Oh, crap, my fault!" Isla realized, slapping a hand on her forehead. "Give me a second. I'll be back soon."

Isla ran out of the ward.

Seeing that, Sheryl shook her head with a resigned smile.

Feeling a bit bored, she got off the bed, heading outside of the ward. 'Maybe some fresh air can do me good, ' she thought. However, as she was on her way out of her room, she bumped into someone she didn't want to see.

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