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   Chapter 2074 How to do it

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After Isla left, the smile on Sheryl's face disappeared.

Isla was right. She had to address what happened to her. She had taken off her clothes in front of Damian, and there were photos of her! She felt ashamed of herself and upset when she read the news about her online. She just didn't expect all of these things would happen to her. Whenever she thought about this, she couldn't calm herself down.

However, she didn't want anyone to see her like this as she didn't want them to worry about her.

Outside the hospital

Damian still hadn't left. He was still in his car, thinking about Sheryl. He was thinking of going back to Sheryl's room, apologizing, and explaining. However, he was afraid that he'd end up hurting her again.

At that moment, Damian's phone rang. It was Duke. Damian picked up the phone and asked, "Have you found anything yet?"

"Wait. Are you aware that everyone's talking about you and Sheryl? It's all over the press." Duke was so worried. He hadn't been able to deal with the previous reports yet, and things were only getting worse with this recent issue.

Damian knew this too.

Damian didn't say anything to Duke. Duke asked in a panic, "What are you going to do then?"

"I'll figure it out. In the meantime, do what I asked you to do before." Damian was also confused. He was barely listening to Duke as he didn't want to explain what had happened at the hospital earlier.

Duke could tell that Damian was upset, and he couldn't force him. He only said something about the investigation before hanging up.

After that, Damian kept silent in the car. His mind was still racing. If he hadn't gone to the hospital, this whole thing wouldn't have happened. If he'd known that something would happen, he never would have come in the first place.

For a while, Damian just stayed in the car, deep in thought.

In the Dream Garden

When Charles went home, he

id with a cold smile. She looked at Melissa then at Nancy then at the food. After a pause, she said, "Well, I can just hand them over to Sher. The doctor doesn't allow so many people to visit Sheryl. You can go back. I'll make sure Sheryl eats these."

Isla knew that Sheryl was kind to Nancy and treated Nancy as her family, so she couldn't refuse them, especially since they'd already cooked for Sheryl. However, she wasn't going to let them see Sheryl, especially since she wasn't exactly okay right now.


"Mrs. Lu, let's go home. Mrs. Zhao will take good care of Sher. Don't worry." Melissa wanted to retort, but Nancy stopped her.

Melissa knew better now. She wasn't going to be impulsive anymore. She took a deep breath and forced a smile as she responded, "All right. Thank you, Mrs. Zhao."

"You're welcome." Isla was glad that Melissa had conceded. She chuckled inwardly, knowing that she'd shown Melissa, who really had the upper hand here.

Isla watched as Melissa and Nancy left with a smile on her face. She didn't go back inside the hospital until they were completely gone.

When Isla returned the ward, Sheryl could tell something was up. She questioned Isla, "What's up?"

"What? Nothing, nothing." Isla looked a little nervous.

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