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   Chapter 2070 Apologize

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"Mr. Lu, I'm sorry. I haven't found anything yet. It seems as if someone's purposely trying to cover it up." David wasn't trying to make up excuses–he was just telling the truth.

"Okay, I know. Keep investigating." Charles gestured for David to leave.

David nodded his head slightly before leaving. Once he was out of Charles' office, he let out a sigh of relief.

At the hospital

Damian had found out which room Sheryl was in, so now he was standing in front of it. He couldn't bring himself to go inside yet as he was too embarrassed to see Sheryl.

Even though he was able to explain everything to Sheryl, he still thought it was humiliating

He instantly felt ashamed of himself as he recalled that he had almost forced himself onto the unconscious Sheryl last night.

Damian was worried about Sheryl, and he wanted to know how she was doing. He tried to go inside several times, but he just couldn't bring himself to do it.

At this time, Cassie had just finished making rounds and intended to check on Sheryl. However, she saw a strange man just standing outside of Sheryl's room.

She was curious about him, so she walked towards him and tapped him on the back.

Damian was taken aback. He tensed up as he turned to look at Cassie.

"Who are you? Are you a friend of Sher's?" Cassie found Damian suspicious, so she eyed him, finding him to be acting rather strangely.

Damian felt uneasy under Cassie's scrutinizing gaze. He averted his gaze as he felt guilty. Stuttering, he responded, "Well, yes. I'm a friend of Sheryl's. I heard she was in the hospital, so I thought I'd come to visit her." He kept his head lowered the entire time.

Damian looked like a decent man, so Cassie figured he was trustworthy.

"I see. But Sher's aslee

en he turned his gaze back to Sheryl because his angst was replaced with guilt.

"Sher, I'm so sorry." Damian reached out his hand in an attempt to hold Sheryl's hand but decided against it. He tried to do this several times, but each time, he would retract his hand.

Damian knew that there was still some unfinished business between Charles and Sheryl. He had thought that it was impossible for them to be together again. But based on how Charles behaved the previous night, he could tell how much Charles loved Sheryl.

"Sheryl, do you still love Charles? The same way he loves you?" Damian didn't want to stop pursuing Sheryl as he'd already put in so much effort, and yet, in the end, he still couldn't win her heart over.

As Damian thought of this, he grew upset.

Suddenly, Sheryl shifted her body slightly, breaking Damian's trance. He looked at Sheryl with his guilt-ridden eyes.

"Sheryl, I didn't mean it. Can you forgive me?" Damian murmured with his head lowered. He looked rather remorseful.

Damian kept apologizing to Sheryl. He kept saying he was sorry as if he was at a loss for words, and he didn't know what else to say.

"Sher, I'm sorry."

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