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   Chapter 2068 What Happened

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Nick took one look at Charles's determined expression and gave up, watching him walk off. As he retreated, he heaved a sigh. There was no point in trying to convince Charles otherwise.

It was weird for Nick to see everything fall apart like this. He never thought he would see the day Charles and Sheryl would grow apart for good. He shook his head.

However, no matter how much he wanted to change things, he knew that if the two of them wouldn't want it, they still wouldn't get together. Still...he clicked his tongue at the roof of his mouth. It was just a shame for them to end up like this. With one last look, he returned to the company, given that Isla was already taking care of Sheryl while Charles had already left.

In Sheryl's ward in the hospital

Every second, Sheryl would look at the clock as if it was a time bomb exploding. It had been a day since she left home. At least, that was what she had estimated. Clark and Shirley must be wondering where she was. At the thought, her chest tightened, and she took a deep breath. She didn't like being far from them. Her forehead creased as she thought of her kids. Pulling her phone out in haste, she dialed the number for her home before bringing it to her ears.

"Joan," Shirley said once Joan picked up the phone. "Are the kids home?" Today, their kindergarten had announced a school holiday, so the kids could get to choose whether they would want to attend school or stay at home.

"Ms. Xia! Are you okay? I've seen the news!" Joan asked, her voice trembling.

Joan had read the news on her phone. It was part of her morning routine. She just didn't expect her boss to be on the front page. It was a miracle that Clark and Shirley weren't that interested in using the Internet, or else she would be sure to receive a boatload of questions about their mother and her safety.

"I'm fine, don't worry about me. Where are the kids?" Sheryl quickly changed the topic, knowing full-well what Joan was talking about.

On the other end of the line, Joan glanced at the children. They were sitting in the living room with their arms crossed, frustrated frowns evident in their expressions. She lowered her voice and inched away from them. "You didn't come back home last night, so when they asked me to go look for you, I told them we can't," she sighed. "They're not in the best of moods right now. When will you be coming home, Ms. Xia?"

Sheryl rubbed her

gh. Though she was still keeping her tough persona, Isla could now hear her voice waver.

No matter how hard she had thought about it, no matter how much she cried for it, she knew it wouldn't change anything. Sheryl just chose to forget. Isla just couldn't bear to think about that, knowing fully well that this should be further investigated by the cops.

Though their thoughts on this were completely different, they chose not to speak about it for Sheryl's sake.

"I'm tired, Isla. Let's get some rest, please?" Sheryl quickly changed the topic.

Isla nodded, saving her argument for another time. She sat beside her, watching her friend doze off.

In a downtown café

Damian didn't really want to hide from Sheryl, but every time he tried to make a move towards the hospital, he had to stop himself. He just couldn't face her right now, and maybe, it was for the best.

When Charles took Sheryl to the hotel, he had left the hotel too. It was his fault for leaving her unguarded. He should have never done that. Damian shook his head, frustrated by what had happened next. He had seen the news too, and that had made him reach out to a few more people around town. Damian had to get to the bottom of this. At the thought, he picked up his phone to call Duke, asking him to meet at the café.

"Got it." Duke blinked as he hung up the phone. Of all the people who would call him, he didn't expect Damian. 'It must be important.' At that assumption, he headed to the café without a second thought.

When Duke arrived, Damian was already waiting for him, solemn-faced. It was time to talk about business.

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