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Isla kept throwing a barrage of persistent questions. "We've been friends for a long time, Sheryl, and we both know I'm more stubborn than you. I won't stop asking until you tell me," she paused for a moment before continuing, "What happened between you and Charles? I saw him and Melissa just now. They looked so anxious about you."

Sheryl avoided her eyes and simply shook her head silently. Even she didn't know what had happened. Everything that happened just seemed to confuse her even more. She remembered how Charles had come running into the hotel room to save her. Did that mean he still had feelings for her?

But then he still lived with Vicky. Sheryl didn't understand the motives behind his actions. Just what did he want to do? What was he thinking?

These conflicting thoughts whirled inside her head, entangling into a mass of confusion that she couldn't find her way out of. Tightening her knuckles, she struggled to control herself. "Maybe... maybe, he's afraid of dragging the reputation of the Shining Company down. After all, I was his wife, and I'm still his children's mother," she said to Isla.

Isla saw the logic behind her words. It wouldn't be a far-fetched possibility. "You might be right. It seems that you owe him one this time," she replied.

Her eyes trailed over her friend's hunched form. She looked tired. Sheryl didn't look into her eyes, but she knew the turmoil she would find in them. In a softer voice, she added, "You can't forget Charles, can you?"

Her response was quick. "No." Almost too quick. "It's not that. I don't even like him anymore." Raising a hand, Sheryl touched Isla's back. It was her own problem. She didn't want Isla to worry about her.

"Are you sure?" Isla asked again, this time looking into Sheryl's eyes.

Sheryl nodded firmly, hoping it would be enough to convince Isla.

Isla wanted to press her further, to make her talk and ask her more questions, but she looked at her friend's pale skin, shadows under her eyes and on her cheeks as if her strength itself was receding. All words died on her throat. She bit her lips and remained silent.

All of a sudden, the door opened to reveal an anxious-looking Cassie. She was chasing her breath as she stood in front of the ward, her eyes shifting from one woman to the other. At once, she began to relax, her shoulders sagging forward in relief.

"Sher, are you alright? I was so scared. I thought something was wrong when I read the news. Nick

?" Charles knew that Nick had come here to see Sheryl, and he had purposefully waited for him. He needed to know if she was alright, but he couldn't possibly go inside her ward.

"She is fine. Are you sure that Damian drugged her?" Nick asked. He wanted to find the culprit and pay them back in full for hurting Sheryl.

"I can't find Damian. I don't know all the details, but one thing is for sure–that man had something to do with whatever happened last night."

He spoke calmly, but Nick could feel the waves of his anger flow out from his words. "Mr. Lu, it is important to find him now. If you do something to Damian, Sher would not be happy about it," Nick said.

Nick hoped that Charles would understand what he meant.

"I see," Charles replied. "Please take care of Sher." After this, he turned back to leave.

"Mr. Lu, please wait a moment." Nick stopped him. There was one more thing he wanted to know.

"Is there anything else?" Charles turned back and asked.

Nick hesitated for a while but decided to go on. "Is it true? That you and Sheryl divorced?"

A moment of silence passed before Charles answered, "Yes." There was no denying it. It was written down as fact.

"Then," Nick said, clenching his fists, "Please stay away from Sheryl now. If you always appear in front of her, all you'll be doing is to make things more difficult for her." He was not afraid of angering the man in front of him. Not after what he had just learned.

"I know what I should do. You should just focus on taking good care of her." Charles answered back, a dark look on his face. Without another word, he turned and left the hospital.

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