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   Chapter 2065 News

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Charles didn't want this to be true. He told himself this was just a dream, but he knew that it wasn't. This was all reality.

At that moment, Sheryl was lying in bed in front of him. He couldn't do anything even if he wanted to. At that time, he was very regretful for what he had done. If he hadn't left Sheryl, he could've protected her, and this never would have happened.

"Sher, are you awake?" Though the doctor had said that Sheryl was going to be fine, he still worried about her. He was afraid that Sheryl wouldn't wake up because she didn't want to see him.

Meanwhile, David was outside the ward, handling the press. When he came back, he noticed that Charles' eyes were red. He sighed. "Mr. Lu, why don't you rest first? I can take care of Ms. Xia."

"No, I don't need rest. How are things going?" Charles looked at David. His voice sounded hoarse.

David was still worried. He said nervously, "I stopped the news from circulating, but I couldn't do anything about those that are already posted.

Charles knew that David had tried his best to do it. If there really was someone that controlled the news, David couldn't do anything about it.

"Okay, continue looking for Damian. No matter what, I need to find him and whoever is controlling the news," Charles ordered and looked at David flatly.

"All right, Mr. Lu."

Before David left the room, he looked at Charles. He couldn't help but feel sad for him.

Charles didn't eat or drink anything. He couldn't leave the room until Sheryl had woken up.

The longer he thought about it, the guiltier he felt.

At that moment, Sheryl struggled to open her eyes slowly.

Charles stared at Sheryl's pale face and asked nervously, "How do you feel?

u arrive, I'll tell you everything," Charles said. Then he hung up the call.

Melissa wanted to ask more, but Charles had already hung up. She decided she was going to ask him when she arrived at the hospital.

Nancy had overheard their conversation, so she asked Melissa nervously, "Mrs. Lu, what happened to Sheryl?"

"I don't know. Something happened. We have to prepare Sheryl's favorite food then we can go to the hospital to see her," Melissa said as she hurried to the kitchen.

Nancy followed behind and started helping Melissa cook.

Melissa was so worried that she was having trouble cooking.

Nancy immediately noticed this. Sighing, she offered, "Mrs. Lu, it's fine. I can cook by myself. You can go to the living room and wait for me there."

Melissa knew that she wasn't going to be of any help, so she left the kitchen. However, still unable to calm down, she decided to give David a call.

When David saw that Melissa was calling, he passed the phone to Charles.

"Answer it. She has a lot of questions, and I haven't told her everything yet." Charles frowned. His face was pallid as if all the color had run out.

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