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   Chapter 2064 Worry For Sheryl

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It only took one touch for Charles to be both terrified and furious when he found Sheryl's skin was too hot. He immediately called for David to drive them to the hospital as quickly as possible.

There was only silence in the car on the way as Charles held Sheryl close to himself, too afraid to think of what could've happened if he came to the hotel too late.

Once they were at the hospital, Sheryl was taken into the operating room.

It was only after the treatment that Sheryl finally woke up.

"Doctor, what's wrong with her?" Charles asked with a nervous expression as soon as he saw the doctor.

The doctor sighed. "She was unconscious because she was drugged. But because you came to the hospital in time, she's fine now. Any later, and it would've hurt her health."

"All right. I see. Thank you very much." Charles frowned and followed after the doctor to the ward.

When he saw Sheryl still asleep, Charles quietly slipped out and decided that he wouldn't tolerate the incident. He said to David, "Go to the hotel and catch Damian."

"At once, Mr. Lu." There was nothing else David could say in the face of Charles' fury.

After he waved David off, Charles entered the ward again to see Sheryl's pale face that filled him with nothing but anger and worry.

When David got to the hotel a while later, he didn't find Damian, so he had no choice but to return to the hospital.

"He's gone? Where did he go?" It made Charles frown because that must mean Damian was guilty, or he wouldn't have disappeared.

"Find him now. No matter what happens, you have to find him." Charles looked at David with a furious expression.

"Understood, Mr. Lu. I will do my best." David left the hospital almost as soon as the words were out of his mouth.

In the downtown villa

There were dark bags under Vicky's eyes from not sleeping because she was up all night thinking about her actions. She didn't know if it was right or not. How could she marry Charles? She did so many things for Charles, and yet Charles still loved Sheryl and hated her.

The anxiety she felt was too much, and she couldn't sit still.


ntacted online news companies, he couldn't do anything about online users.

Charles' frown was deep as he looked at David and said, "Hurry up and solve it."

"I've already told the online news companies to remove the news, but it seems that someone is controlling it, and online users are having a heated discussion about it right now." David looked at Charles with a sad expression.

It was very strange, but Charles could only wave his hands and tell David to look further into it. "If there's something wrong, tell me at once."

"Understood, Mr. Lu. I will look into it at once." There was nothing else for David to do, but to try and stop it from becoming worse.

After David went out of the ward, Charles silently remained seated.

Charles held the still sleeping Sheryl's hand tightly and said a low voice, "Sher, I'm so sorry. This is all my fault. Can you wake up soon?"

It was his fault because he thought that if he had gotten rid of Vicky earlier, he wouldn't have disappointed Sher.

That was all so he could marry Sheryl soon, but now, Sheryl wouldn't wake up.

If he didn't make those mistakes, then Damian wouldn't even have had the chance to get close to Sheryl. The more he thought about what had happened to him and Sheryl ever since Vicky appeared, made him feel even guiltier.

The more Charles looked at Sheryl's pale face, the more worried he became, and it made him frown deeper.

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