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   Chapter 2063 Hey! Stop!

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Charles turned to look at Melissa to explain himself. However, he was taken aback at seeing how angry Melissa was.

"Mom, I know I should go see the kids. I want to do that. I want to see the kids, but I just can't," Charles explained, clearing his throat.

Melissa noticed the helplessness on Charles' face. She'd never seen Charles like that. Even after all he'd been through, he never faltered as he was the type of person who never gave up. However, it seemed as if Charles had no choice but to do this because of Vicky.

"Is it because of Vicky? Is she still bothering you? Well, let me deal with her! I can probably get through to her. You know, woman to woman. Just now, she came here trying to see you, but I was able to drive her away. She really is annoying, isn't she?" Melissa said as she gazed at her son. The strange look on her son's face worried her. She just wanted to help her son.

This time, she just wanted to be of help to her son. She couldn't help but long to see Charles and Sheryl get back together too.

Melissa's insides turned upon realizing how insistent Vicky really was, especially having intertwined herself in Charles' life. She couldn't stand the idea that Charles would lose Sheryl forever. She figured if Vicky continued to have her way, then Sheryl and Charles might never get back together.

"What? Vicky came here?" Charles asked, frowning. He was in disbelief as he had no idea that Vicky had come here. He couldn't help but be annoyed that Vicky would visit his home without his permission.

Melissa noticed the shift in Charles' face. She thought Charles at least knew. Still, she wasn't very polite to Vicky when she was here. She was even worried at first that Charles might get mad at her for treating Vicky like that. However, she realized that there was no way that Charles would do that as even Charles seemed disgusted with Vicky. Angrily, she said, "Yes, she was here. She said she needed to see you. She had no manners. I was so angry that I asked her to leave. I dislike that woman! I hate her!"

Still, Melissa didn't let her anger get in the way this time. Melissa knew what kind of person Vicky was. She wouldn't get trapped by that woman anymore. As much as she wanted to get back at Vicky as soon as possible, she knew she had to be smart and take a step back first before doing anything. She didn't want to cause Charles any more trouble too.

"Okay, I get it. And thanks, Mom. Thanks for telling me. You should rest. We can talk about seeing the kids again next time." Charles was too exhausted from everything that had been happening in his life to worry about anything else. He needed to focus on his own plans; instead of being distracted.

The impatience that flashed across Char

ripped down to her underwear. At the sight, Damian felt turned on at once, especially since Sheryl was running her hands all over her body. Damian saw this as his chance. He wanted to do what his loins were telling him to.

"Water, I want to drink water..."

Damian was so dumbfounded for a moment that he didn't realize right away that Sheryl was murmuring something. He quickly fetched a glass of water. He then helped Sheryl sit up so she could drink water. After drinking, Sheryl seemed relieved. Then she held Damian's arm tightly and snuggled up to his chest.

Damian couldn't continue to ignore it. Now he was struggling in his head. He felt torn, as part of him wanted to be a decent person, and the other part was telling him to be a monster. He couldn't deny the voice in his head that told him to be a monster. He'd always liked Sheryl. Hesitating, he started to run his fingers along her face. Slowly, he put Sheryl on the bed so that she was lying down. He was ready. He was going to do this, even though Sheryl was unconscious.

At that very moment, Charles broke into the room.

The loud noise of someone kicking open the door shocked Damian. He immediately looked back to see what was happening.

Damian and Charles' eyes locked the moment they looked at each other.

Charles' eyes were burning with fury. Damian felt threatened, and he couldn't help but shiver a little.

"Hey! Stop!" Charles shouted as he rushed toward Damian and pushed him to the ground. What Damian was doing to Sheryl was obvious, and he couldn't let Damian get any closer to Sheryl.

Before Damian could stand up, Charles strode over to him and started beating him up.

Charles didn't stop until Damian was completely beaten up. He sneered as he watched Damian squirm in pain. Then Charles picked Sheryl up in his arms and left.

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