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   Chapter 2062 Whatever

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"Don't worry about it," Charles replied as he frowned.

Vicky didn't expect that Charles would be so cold to her. Though she knew that Charles didn't like her, she still didn't like being treated this way.

"Charles, I just want to care for you. How could you say that to me?" Vicky then burst into tears.

"Okay, I see." Charles hung up before Vicky could even respond.

She was furious when she realized that Charles had hung up on her. She paced the room back and forth, confused. If Charles really cared about Sheryl, he should be angry right now. How come he didn't believe her?

Vicky was very confused. She was lost in her own thoughts. 'Does he not believe that Sheryl would be able to do that?' She was downtrodden, but she was still determined to ruin Charles and Sheryl's relationship.

She didn't want to give up this opportunity. Even though she didn't know if she could believe that man or not, she had no choice but to do so.

After a while, Vicky started sending message after message to Charles.

Charles frowned upon receiving them. He'd read the messages, but he refused to believe it.

David was seated in front of Charles. He didn't say anything when he noticed the shift on Charles' face. However, he also knew that Charles was mad at Vicky. He didn't know what to make of it either.

They would be arriving at the Dream Garden soon, so David wasn't able to help himself, he had to ask, "Mr. Lu, may I ask what's wrong?"

"Vicky says Sheryl's out with another man. She's always trying to get in between me and Sheryl," Charles said coldly, glancing at David.

Charles didn't believe Vicky. After all, she had just gotten out of th

and." Charles looked at Melissa as he frowned.

Melissa sighed. "Charles, can I go to see Sheryl and the kids?"

"Mom, do you really think Sheryl can still forgive you after what happened last time?" Charles looked at Melissa helplessly. He didn't mind if Melissa came to visit them. The issue was whether Sheryl was going to allow her or not.

"I know I was wrong. I already apologized to Sheryl, and she said she forgives me. She's allowed me to see the children as long as I tell her in advance." Melissa looked at Charles rather nervously.

Charles knew that Sheryl was very kind. Melissa was the grandmother of her children. If she wanted to see the children, Sheryl wouldn't stop her. As he thought about the children, he felt guilty. He hadn't seen his children for a long time.

"Fine. It's up to you," Charles said. He then made his way upstairs as he didn't want to talk to Melissa anymore.

"Charles, please stop. You know what I'm asking. I'm asking you to come with me and visit your kids." Melissa was very angry. She couldn't understand why Charles wouldn't want to see his own children.

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