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   Chapter 2061 You Are Not Welcome

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"I don't know who you're talking about. Whoever that is, go find her yourself," the bartender grumbled impatiently. It was common for people to stop by the bar looking for their friends, instead of buying drinks, so the bartender didn't take Damian seriously. He only pointed him toward a random direction and promptly went back to work.

Seeing how busy the bartender was, Damian realized that he couldn't count on this man to help him find Sheryl. He had to do it himself.

He waded through the crowd looking in every room and checking every corner until finally, he found Sheryl lying on a sofa in one corner. He rushed to her without a second thought.

"Sher?" He gave her arm a nudge, but to no avail. She remained motionless. Damian quickly realized that she was unconscious.

He was beginning to get worried. He called Sheryl's name several times, but she was unresponsive. As he thought about what to do next, he sat next to her. Her arm softly pressed against his thigh, alerting him to her abnormally high temperature.

"Sher, wake up." Damian knitted his brows. He put one of Sheryl's arms on his shoulder and wrapped his arm around her waist. Then he slowly walked her out of the bar.

When they got into Damian's car, he tried to wake her up by saying her name over and over. She didn't seem to hear him at all. He figured it might be a bad idea to drive her back home since the kids were there, so he decided to drive her to a hotel.

In an expansive villa downtown, Vicky tossed and turned in bed.

She should have already been fast asleep, and yet here she was, staring at her phone screen, unable to sleep. She was waiting for an important call.

It was past the agreed-upon time for the call, and Vicky's patience was wearing thin. She furrowed her brows and dialed the number she had called this afternoon. Someone picked up.

"What's going on!" Vicky barked at the person on the other end of the line.

"Stop yelling at me. Arranging a prison visit isn't that easy." Anyone could detect the irritation in the other person's voice.

Vicky couldn't help but get frustrated when she heard this. Yet, what else could she do? Her only option was to wait. Annoyed, Vicky hung up without saying another word.

Charles had been giving her the cold shoulder for the past few days. After doing some research of her own, she realized that Sheryl had a hand in this. Vicky's main priority now

ve each other. Why can't we be together?" Vicky insisted. Tears began forming in the corners of her eyes.

Melissa, however, didn't buy Vicky's crocodile tears. Instead, this only annoyed her more. She pointed at Vicky and yelled, "Stop it, Vicky. No one is buying this act. Now get the hell off my property, and don't let me see you ever again. You are standing in Dream Garden, a place which I own. Get out, or I'm calling the police."

As soon as Melissa had stopped speaking, Nancy gestured for Vicky to leave.

"Miss, please leave now. You're not welcome in Dream Garden," Nancy advised. She then eyed Vicky with indifference.

Vicky's anger reached another level now that even a servant wasn't taking her seriously, but again, it wasn't the time to pick a fight with these people. The most important thing for her to do right now was to find Charles, so she turned around and left.

Vicky sulked during the entire ride home. Thankfully, Charles called. "Charles, you finally called me back! Do you know how much I've missed you? What have you been up to lately?" Vicky's anger had now dissipated, and excitement had taken its place.

"Why did you call me?"

Just like that, Charles' cold voice harshly brought Vicky back to reality.

However, she had been preparing for this moment. With an equally stony voice, she replied, "I know that you and Sheryl are divorced, but now that she's your ex-wife, I think you should keep an eye on her. Tell her to mind her behavior in public. What would people say about Clark and Shirley if they discover that your children have such a shameless mother?"

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