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   Chapter 2059 I Am Sorry I Forgot That

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Sheryl did not want to say another word to Isla. She simply rolled her eyes at Isla out of sheer disgust, patted her on the arm, and said, "Isla, do you even know what you look like right now?"

"No. You tell me. What do I look like?" Isla said candidly, expecting a flattering compliment from Sheryl. Without having much idea about Sheryl's state of mind, she turned to look at Sheryl excitedly.

"You look like a bitch!" Sheryl said, narrowing her eyes. And the very next moment, Sheryl was running with all her might to avoid being hit by Isla. After all, she had firsthand knowledge about the strength and power of Isla's manly hand.

By the time Isla came around, Sheryl was out of her reach as well as her sight, leaving Isla in the wind all by herself.

But Isla was not someone to be messed with, and she instantly went into a sprint towards Sheryl's office.

As soon as Isla reached Sheryl's office, she kicked the door open and barged in. Seeing Isla charging aggressively like a rhino, Sheryl held up her arms as a gesture of surrender and said, "I am sorry."

Marking the sincerity in Sheryl's voice, Isla let go off her intimidating stance. Yet she seemed to be contemplating something and remained silent for quite some time, which made Sheryl feel somewhat awkward and uneasy. After a long moment of silence, Isla finally spoke, saying, "I will give you one chance to make up for your mistake."

"Great! Please tell me! I will oblige you promptly! I promise!" Sheryl grabbed the opportunity to cease-fire this dispute without further delay. As much as she knew her best friend; Isla was not the kind to let go so easily. Hence, when she offered an alternative, Sheryl jumped at it.

"Okay. Just tell me what is going on between you and Damian? Is there anything between the two of you?" Initially, Isla did not want to rush into this topic in this manner. She wanted to make her way into Sheryl's mind through a series of penetrating questions. Yet to her surprise, when Sheryl caved in at this moment, even Isla found it difficult to let go of this opportunity to get the answer of the question that had bugged her for quite some time now.

Sheryl was left aghast. She did not see this coming at all. She immediately knew that she had been too smart for her own good. However, now that it had come to this, she had no choice but to explain it to Isla.

"Yesterday, after Damian dropped me at home, he immediately left for his hotel without much dillydallying. I am telling you that nothing has happened between the two of us." Sheryl looked at Isla with much frustration while cursing her at the bottom of the heart for acting like a professional paparazzi from some small tabloid.

"Is that so?" Isla gazed at Sheryl with great disbelief in her eyes.

Sheryl gave her a shrug, indicating that there was no way that Isla could make her talk more about this.

"Do you not like him?" Isla pressed on with another question now that the cat was out of the bag. She firmly believed that there was more to it.

"I believe that you already know my answer to this question." Sheryl had now reached the zenith of her patience in discussing this topic with Isla. There have been countless occasions when Isla had asked this question of Sheryl. Yet Sheryl's answer has been the same every time. At the bottom of her heart,

there. She blinked her eyes innocently and answered with many grievances, "Isla, you know that I report to Sheryl. Now that she has asked me to do this, how could I ever refuse her?"

Phoebe lowered her head after replying to Isla. Even Isla felt that it was futile to push her as she could sense how terrified Phoebe was. So she walked out of the Cloud Advertising Company out of frustration.

Isla then called Sheryl several times, but Sheryl did not answer any of her calls. Finally, Isla threw her phone on the ground out of anger.

"Damn you, Sheryl! You better pray that you will not run into me ever again! Because if I see you again, I will make you pay!" Isla stomped on the ground to vent out her anger.

As Sheryl hurried back home after leaving the Cloud Advertising Company, she saw several incoming calls from Isla. Yet she determinedly disconnected the calls each time. As she arrived at her apartment, she was unexpectedly greeted by Damian in the lobby area of her apartment building.

Even though their eyes met, and Sheryl noticed the passionate look in Damian's eyes, at first, she pretended that she had not seen him. She walked passed him, and she headed towards the elevator.

"Hey, Sher!" Damian had already caught Sheryl's drift when he first saw her evading reaction, but he just ignored all that and called her with joy and excitement.

"Hey, Damian, what are you doing here?" Even Sheryl realized that it was too late to avoid him and pretended to see Damian just then.

"I am waiting for you! Do you remember that we are going to have lunch today?" Damian looked at Sheryl, a little bit heartbroken and disappointed.

It suddenly came back to Sheryl that they had agreed to have lunch together, but she had completely forgotten it.

"Oh! I am so sorry! It just slipped from my mind. You see, I now have other business that I need to attend to at the moment." Sheryl looked at Damian apologetically, feeling guilty for keeping him waiting.

Damian marked Sheryl's reluctance to have lunch with him, and he did not want to force it on her either. So he decided to just let it pass by saying, "No problem. We will make up for that some other time. Just let me know when you are free."

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