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   Chapter 2058 Gossip

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Sheryl threw Isla a look when Damian wasn't looking.

She knew Isla didn't like Charles because he had hurt her. However, even though he wasn't the right person for her, that didn't mean she was going to be with Damian now.

Even though Isla saw the look Sheryl was giving her, she ignored her and continued to talk to Damian.

Sheryl kept quiet, while Damian and Isla continued to chat as if they were old friends. She even wondered if they were going to stop talking before they arrived at their destination.

"Mr. Li, you really are a gentleman. I can see how much you care about Sher. This is her favorite restaurant," Isla exclaimed as soon as she got out the car.

"I like whatever she likes," Damian said sweetly, grinning.

Since he'd come back, it was easy to tell that he had feelings for Sheryl, even though he hadn't exactly said it yet. Sheryl figured as long as he hadn't confessed yet, she wouldn't be able to refuse him. He seemed to enjoy Isla's teasing.

In fact, he even liked that Isla was teasing them. After all, she was Sheryl's best friend. If he got her approval, then that would give him better odds.

Sheryl smiled awkwardly, feeling uneasy that she was being talked about like that.

Nobody knew how terrible she really felt. She wanted to go off, but Damian and Isla were enjoying themselves too much. She didn't want to make a big deal out of nothing.

While they were eating, Damian was being attentive to her. He kept putting shrimp on her plate, even though she kept refusing. In the end, she had no choice but to let him be.

"Please excuse me for a while." Feeling quite pressured, Sheryl decided to go to the bathroom.

Once she had left, Isla gestured for Damian to come closer to her, and then she said in a low voice, "I believe in you. Just take it slowly. Don't rush."

"Okay!" Damian beamed. He was glad that Isla was supporting him in his pursuit of Sheryl.

Although there was some part of him that doubted her, he ignored this as he really appreciated her enthusiasm.

After that, Isla followed S

"Yes?" Sheryl stopped in her tracks upon hearing this.

She looked at Damian with a puzzled expression. He approached her slowly, bent down, and pressed his lips on her forehead. Then he smiled gently, "Let's have dinner tonight. Bye!"

Everything happened too fast. Caught off guard, Sheryl stood aghast, unable to move. By the time she had come to her senses, Damian had already left.

This was the exact same thing that happened at the hotel not too long ago. Sheryl was taken aback.

"Sheryl, what was that? Have you decided to give him a chance?" Isla quipped.

She was in the car when the whole thing happened, so she saw everything. Upon seeing this, she flashed Aron a mischievous smile.

Before Aron could even respond, she had already jumped out of the car and rushed towards Sheryl.

Sheryl's head ached upon seeing Isla as she didn't know how to explain it. She shrugged and said, "Didn't you know that's a common courtesy in other countries?"

"Come on! Save it! We're not in another country! I saw everything, so don't try to fool me. You were looking at each other like you were in love! Oh, my God, I've almost got goosebumps!" Isla looked at Sheryl animatedly.

Sheryl just ignored Isla and rolled her eyes at her. She walked past her and headed inside the building.

"Tell me, did you go out after dropping me off last night?" Isla pressed.

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